Empress Guard

At the start of the campaign, the Empress Guard was a force of about 5000 men and women, dwarves, elves, and hobbits. About 3000 of the Guard were at the Fords of Isen when they were routed by the army of the Usurper.

They provide the personal guard for the Empress/Emperor and their immediate family. The Empress Guard are also called upon in times of war to serve as crack troops with the armies.

Besides their very public duties of protection and defense, the Empress Guard also provides the government of the United Kingdom with teams of highly skilled and trained Guardsmen who can perform various covert or special tasks. These tasks include such things as spying, scouting, infiltration, escort duty, and even assassination – although the last of these is very rare, as it is counter to the guiding principles of the United Kingdoms.

The Empress Guard is respected across all of Middle Earth, as well as feared by enemies of the United Kingdoms. When Guardsmen ask for help from subjects of the United Kingdoms, they almost always get it. Of course, Guardsmen respect the people of the Kingdoms so much that they are very unwilling to impose on their people.

The Empress requires an oath of loyalty from all Guardsmen, which must be set aside whenever it would conflict with the good of the people of the United Kingdoms.

Empress Guard

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