Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Nwalme learns

The Huregoth Longitudinal Study

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Araphor and Bo were sneaking behind the dark elvish lines to see what they could learn. As they approached the Huregoths’ camp, Araphor went full Disney princess by using Rider Within and Mammal Control to bend the forest mice to his will and scout through them.

They learned the following:

  • The Huregoths’ camp is well hidden.
  • It could handle up to 100 people or so, but currently has about 55-58 of them.
  • The Blue Wizard is within the camp, studying something.

Araphor sent the mice into the food tent and releases them to gorge themselves, as his control of the mice wained. He and Bo were able to sneak back to the others without incident.

Plans were discussed, some ludicrous, some with a chance of success.

It was decided that Nwalme (using his silence spell) would sneak up on the most forward elf and capture him. There was more sneaking, aiming bows, teleporting, but for a change the plan basically worked.

Of course, our heroes had miscommunications when they couldn’t hear one another. The guard noticed something and leapt into action, but Bo was able to shoot him in the leg and Nwalme was able to Death-Touch™️ the hell out of him. Once that was done, he was captured and brought back to were the party’s horses were.

Araphor lent his strength to Nwalme to aid in his recovery and help him prepare for the upcoming questioning. The rest of the party kept guard, watching for Huregoths.

Nwalme learned quite a bit from the captive:

  • The Huregoths came to defeat the Empress and her minions.
  • This camp location was picked because it was close enough to effect the outcome of the war, keep reinforcements from battle, etc…
  • There are no other forces beyond them now. The others have died, faded into the countryside/deserted.
  • They had 1500 elves, but only 800 survived after the big teleportation explosion.
  • That caused the renegade elf clans to start to break up.
  • The Blue Wizard showed up with 50 allies and there was a battle among the renegade elf clans.
  • The assassination of the adjutant’s clan leader started a chain of events that triggered a civil war once the moat attack was repelled. Once the mind-control spells ceased and the promised success didn’t materialize, the doubtful and the faithful began to fight.
  • The senior leadership in the camp are the following:
    • The Blue Wizard
    • The ‘Prince’
    • The #2 War Leader
  • The Huregoths’ leader is on the other side of the river, leaving the supreme leader’s son as the leader of the camp.
  • Magic among the renegade elves is less than the party believed:
    • Blue Wizard
    • 2 mages with the clans
    • 5 mages with the Huregoths
    • Though, it is possible that there could be more: 12 Huregoths left with 3 mages that might be enough to power the racial magic (see below):

Nwalme felt that captive was the renegade elvish equivalent of the Empress’ Guard, an elite bodyguard in the power circle. Also, unfortunately, a true believer of all the stories about how the West has stopped the renegade elves from achieving their just promised land. Over the years, the renegade elves have sent dozens and dozens into the west and most never returned. Those that did, were returned in pieces — a message from the Empress.

While questioning the captive, Nwalme realized that there was some sort of racial magic that could be part of the ‘looking alike’ ability. After casting Analyze Magic on the captive, Nwalme felt that ritual magic has been cast on this class for 500 years, it has made them something different, almost as though they were living artifacts, that would need to be powered. By casting a History spell, he also learned that there was something in camp, an artifact of some sort that would allow a mage or a small group of them doing a ritual to pump mana into these living artifacts.



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