Blue Wizard's staff

This is the staff once carried by the male Blue Wizard, Alatar. It is currently borne by Nwalme-Anna.

The staff includes a 12 point powerstone that recharges at a rate of about a point per hour. Proximity to water affects the recharge rate, but it’s not (yet) clear if the point/hour is a maximum.

The staff includes runes of an unknown nature, which glow when the staff is being accessed by Alatar. (It’s unclear if it also glows when accessed by someone else, though we probably should know that by now.)

It also appears to provide a benefit to water-based spells, although that has not been fully tested.

The staff also allows access to the following spells at skill 12:

  • Toss (must touch the subject with hand or staff; subject is thrown through the air)
  • Mist (creates a wall of mist that can be moved by the wielder)
  • Float (“In the event of an emergency, this staff may be used as a flotation device.”)

Blue Wizard's staff

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