Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Out Of Sight, Out Of Maian
All wet...

When last we left our heroes: the maia had escaped. StormDancer (and Araphor) had spotted her, she is injured and gathering driftwood to put together a raft. We spent the fifteen minutes to get the mages back up to full, after communicating with the Empress.

The Maia is two hours of heavy riding away on the shore, putting together a raft. One dark elf dead, one unconscious dark elf, and guarded by two wounded hobsters and one not-so-wounded hobster to head back to the others. Nwalme heals up the hobsters to help make their trip safer.

We head the two hours to chase down the maia. The trip is relatively straightforward and not all that difficult. StormDancer is watching the maia building a boat. Even using driftwood, she was able to perform some woodshaping magic and the raft becomes more and more of a boat, planks, etc… About an hour out, she seems to detect us and she gestures. We notice an unfortunate result: the ground becomes more moist and the travel due to the increased muck more difficult. The two hour trip becomes three and she is able to build a sail boat and launch when we are three miles away. She makes good speed being able to control the water and the wind.

She gets away, leaving us heading after her. The ground doesn’t seem to be getting any worse than the swampy land we were dealing with. Araphor tries to keep Stormdancer watching to try to get an idea where she’s going but she’s moving much faster than he can fly. He’s good for sprints, but she’s keeping it up and he can’t.

We head back. When we get back, we find the prisoner securely trussed, gagged, unconscious and hooded.

(At the base, we do experience!) -——————

Last experience was 2/10/12

Post Experience -——————

Interrogation! Bo falls back and keeps an eye on the prisoner, as Nwalme does his thing with the prisoner. He is a powerful dark elf that hates Nwalme with a fiery passion because Nwalme sides with those that are keeping the elves from their birthright and are blocking them from their travels west. (It’s believed that the elves cannot come back after going West.)

The Vala (the gods) found the elves and welcomed them, getting them boats and helping them sail to the West. At various points on their journey various elves got off their journey and became green, gray, naldor, etc… elves. After the War of the Ring, it’s assumed that any elves can travel west.

The dark elves believe that they cannot make the final journey to the West, because they were left behind on purpose and could not come across. (Nwalme knows that the Vala gave a decree so that all elves can go.) The dark elves must have descended from elves that didn’t want to make the journey. The dark elves said that any elves that try to cross the Anduin (the great river of Middle Earth) come back dead or broken – clearly from the Vala. They haven’t tried this since just after the War of the Ring. But even then, they shouldn’t have come back dead or broken. Nwalme tries to understand if it’s really the Vala, rather than just the maia doing it and blaming the Vala for doing it. The dark elves believe the Vala are evil because they are denying the elves their birthright.

Their belief is more than they are in a world of pain and death that is always getting harder and the Vala is keeping them from gaining access to the promised land where their pain will be lessened.

The dark elves are trying to make the Middle Earth a better place to live by taking land and destroy those in their way.

Knowing that we have crossed the Anduin and recently, Nwalme offers to take the prisoner to cross the river. The prisoner needs to think on the offer – as he’s worried that we plan to kill him.

Talking amongst ourselves, we wonder if coming back broken meant that they were remade into orcs. (That was what was going on.)

Nwalme heads back to tell him a story (with illusions) to tell them the story of the lands of Mordor and Sauron. (The dark elves seem to think of him as a great leader that rebelled against the evil Vala but was corrupted in his struggles and fell into evil methods for honorable goals and then he was thoroughly corrupted.) He explains about Sauron and remaking elves into the orcs. The dark elves heard from the orcs that they were captured by the Vala or the people of the west such as Saruman that allied themselves with Sauron.

The dark elves seem to be at a distance from the history of Middle Earth with their eastern-centric view of it.

Araphor reminds us about the friendly orcs – the Yrrch – that we had met in the past up in the Ettenmoors. (Eric and Jp don’t remember this at all.) They were living in isolation.

Away from the prisoner, we wonder whether the dark elves will turn into orcs just from crossing the Anduin. We don’t know for sure, but we assume that the maia are deceiving the elves and we assume that they’re not on the side of angels since they didn’t take part in the War of the Ring.

We talk with the Empress. She can be at the front in three days. She thinks our priority should be finding the maia and taking them out. They are not the white Wizard and they have limitations. Guthwyn is more lippy with the Empress than usual. Nwalme also thinks that the dark elf crossing the Anduin could turn some of the elves. The Empress does think that it may be useful but worries that there’s not enough time. Guthwyn wonders if taking the dark elf to cross the Anduin may bring the maia to us, which Nwalme is starting to buy, but Bo and Araphor aren’t sure. The Empress pushes for us to use our pet elf to see if he knows where the maia is, or is headed.

Nwalme is going to talk with the friendly elf (we don’t think we have a name for this NPC – Chris likes ‘Gus’) to verify the Anduin story that we just heard from this dark elf. We wonder if the friendly elf would/could cross the Anduin without the level of guards that the chief dark elf would need.

The other option is to question strongly the chief dark elf for more information.

Follow The Leader
...until she disappears...

When last we left our heroes, they had just captured mind-controlling segregationist elves that are oddly pro-orc and anti-human, and several of them have escaped.

Bo looks for a magic bow and finds one that looks like it may be magic, but it’s the wrong size and wrong type of pull. It will take him a great deal of time to practice and relearning to use the thing. (He does have Nwalme look it over to see if he can tell if it’s magic or cursed or what not.)

Araphor sends Stormdancer up in the air. She spots two groups: 3-4 and 3. Araphor does his best to help coordinate the hunting.

20 minutes after they left, one of the hunting party frogmarched in a wounded dark elf.

Bo fades back to keep an arrow on the prisoner from far enough back that he’s out of range – hopefully, anyway. Araphor recommends keeping the prisoners unconscious and that they do more coordinating than actual escaped prisoner hunting. Guthwyn prefers a more hands-on approach and wants to ride them down and catch them, herself. That may have to do with the fact that she learned that all but two of her bodyguards were killed in the escape attempt. And the two are very injured.

Nwalme is healed up and ready to figure out what to do next – question the prisoner to find out about their regrouping plan? Or determine if they’re after a specific target?

The prisoner sent to Nwalme telepathically, “I just want to go home.” Nwalme finds out that they’re conscripts and the wizards have their families. The wizards are evil and some of his former friends have done some evil things.

This group of elves have been coming west for 30 years or so, they’d find a new settlement and pacify it. Take slaves, etc…

About 15 years ago the cousins (elves that they hadn’t seen) came and found them. They started trading. They heard about the rising power in the east. They heard about the blue twins. They’ve done some incredible things: healing the sick, stopping a volcano, etc… Many of the elves consider them gods.

The prisoner was very happy he was captured. He feels that most of the elves are some of the most powerful mages, he’s seen. Himself, he has a natural aptitude for magical strength that can be tapped in ritual magic. Nwalme, always distrustful, verifies what the prisoner is thinking with sense emotion, detect lie, and his telepathy. Once Nwalme felt that the prisoner was telling the truth, Nwalme thawed (infinitesimally) and told him that there wasn’t much that they could do at the moment; he’d have to be a prisoner for a while.

The big thing that Nwalme learned was the leader of the expedition was one of those that escaped. (It looks like we have a way for Guthwyn to hunt and still be in charge.)

Nwalme used the prisoner’s knowledge of the leader to successfully cast a seeker spell. He can tell the leader is heading north/north west, back toward the lake where we found them initially. He’s hurrying, but not quite running.

We quickly decide that Araphor, our best tracker, is the best choice to lead the group to catch the fleeing elves: the leader and two others. We go along with three hobster bodyguards for Araphor; it’s nice to all be back in our little assault group again.

The hobsters busily repair the camp and clear around it, so that they can see in and out easier.

We think we know where the elves are going. They have a half hour lead on us, but Nwalme’s Pathfinder spell let’s us know that he’s two miles away and gives us a route to get there. We’re gaining.

About four hours later, we meet up with the three hobsters that were chasing them. Two continue, one fills us in: they’re 500 yards ahead and pausing regularly. The hobsters have been waiting for them to camp, so that they can set up an ambush, but now that we have numbers, he thinks that a frontal attack might be the best option.

Guthwyn wants two groups and a pincer maneuver. Bo asks whether they were able to get ranged weapons; Araphor (through Stormdancer) can tell they have swords, but no ranged weapons.

We don’t know much about the terrain, so Araphor recommends just running them down. We have the numerical advantage: ten of us to three of them.

The attack begins! They’re out of range, but we’re charging. Stormdancer sees that they’ve spotted us. The elves find a spot with a couple of trees and a rock to give them a bit of cover and protect themselves from being ridden down or lanced.

Nwalme wants to eyeball the land and teleport in behind them. Bo is looking for the high ground to prepare to snipe down upon them; it’s not present, so he gets 10 yards away and starts aiming. Araphor prepares by casting walk through plants.

The dark elves all have swords, one has a 6’ wooden staff (one assumes it’s for magical distance touching).

Guthwyn called out to surrender or die. As we don’t speak the same language, it’s not really doing much good. Guthwyn and her guards charge forward as a clump. The leader casts a spell and water opened up around the chargers. Some of them are struggling to deal with the new pool of water that just opened off under them. Guthwyn swims without a problem. Unfortunately, some of her guards are struggling. Guthwyn’s full armor isn’t helping as much as she might like in the water.

More water pools open up the dark elves’ spells.

Bo aims for two rounds and then fires. Luck be a lady, tonight! Critical success to take out the crouching ritual mage. He prepared another arrow and moved to get another shot.

Guthwyn and the hobsters do their best to clamber out of the pool. While they’re doing that Araphor jumps over them (and the pool) to get into the fight.

While they all have everyone’s attention, Nwalme teleports in behind the elves and uses the Strike Blind in his curse missile staff to get the leader. She shrugs off the curse; Nwalme realizes that the leader isn’t an elf, nor a male. He thinks that she might be a maia – a lesser god.

Araphor charges, but his strike is parried effortlessly. The other elf moves to attack Araphor, who is able to parry himself. Guthwyn and her guards charge to attack the elf and the maia, but fail. One of the hobbits did his best to snipe in, which hit the maia for no effect.

Araphor and the hobsters attacks are largely ineffective. The maia and the dark elf both seem to be very good with the sword, parrying attacks without much trouble. But unfortunately, the dark elf is no match for Guthwyn. She knocks the dark elf unconscious with a single blow.

Nwalme successfully deals a vicious Death Touch to the maia. Touching her also let Nwalme know that she was indeed a maia – a very, very powerful one. The power radiates from her palpably.

After moving into position and aiming for two rounds, Bo is about to let fly when the maia disappears. Nwalme is pretty sure that she did some sort of a watery teleport.

Nwalme tries to use the water she disappeared into to try to cast a Seeker spell again. He learns that she’s not within a mile, but within 50 miles. His vision of her places her on the south side of the Sea of Rhun. A bitter defeat, but at least at the moment, we’re safe from her for the moment.

Guthwyn is ready to charge after her immediately. Stormdancer is sent to try to spot her. Bo and Nwalme caution getting word to the Empress.

Stormdancer spots her and sees that she’s bleeding profusely as she gathers driftwood to build a raft. The fifteen minutes that takes is enough to get the mages back to full. We’re about two hours ride from there.

Now You Think It, Now You Don't
elves slip our minds, and some slip away

Captured: two of the senior dark elves as well as assorted others.

Nwalme prepares for interrogation. We want to know where these elves come from and why are they aligned with the invasion force? Do they even know of Nwalme? How good is he without his killer rep?

He grabs one of the senior elves and starts his questions about reinforcements and then segues into general plan and troop movement. He separates out one of them to be away from the others, shielded by the wagon so that they can hear screams, but not make out the discussion. Bo stands in the distance with his bow to prepare for mop up, should the prisoner get the better of Nwalme and try to make a run for it.

The plan is telepathy and then pain should the previous options fail.

There is a language issue – even the older elvish tongue has problems. The prisoner doesn’t seem to understand Nwalme. Luckily, Nwalme has the Borrow Language skill at a sufficiently high level, overcoming that barrier.

The prisoner is fairly hostile, making it clear that he feels that Nwalme is a traitor to the elves. They feel that they don’t need reinforcements, they should be enough. They’re aligned with the orcs, because orces were brothers of the elves of old and they deserve to be freed. Free from persecution by the humans, traitorous elves, and dwarves.

The dark elves’ plan is to free the orcs, eradicate the vermin (i.e. humans) and bring them to the far western lands so that the gods will come back to them.

Nwalme wants to know if these are cultural beliefs or if this is brainwashing via using the mind-search spell. These elves feel abandoned since the rest of the elves went away over the last 10K years, but after the last 1000-1500 years alone, they’ve been largely alone except for the orcs and this culture has started to arise. Most of the knowledge that they have of the human lands is from the orcs and from their spies, rather than direct observation.

Orcs breed very quickly; they have over a million in the army coming over. Plus 4000-5000 elves. Who are the top tier leadership? The brothers: gods. Powerful wizard kings? Humanoid – humanish. They are twins, male/female, blue and green.

Nwalme sends him back and gathers his strength for the next interrogation.

Bo mentions that passing this on to the Empress as soon as possible. Upon resting up, he rings the Empress’ telepathic phone. She picks up and she’s kind of caught up on the million orcs, he reminds her of number of magic-using elves that HATE humans. The gods seem familiar, but the empress isn’t quite sure who they are yet.

Guthwyn wonders if going after the gods might not be the best use of our time. Decapitate the head and the body will fall, and all that.

Araphor wonders if it’s possible to do what their spell did in reverse and flood the river.

We discuss what to do next. We’re taking the prisoners to the more secure castle, which is the command center in the area.

Prisoner searching: half of the prisoners have green power stones, the other half have blue power stones (about 25 in all). There’s not a lot of power in them; they’re mostly 1-pt stones with some 2-pt stones.

Half a day to get to the point where we have real support; it’s a command post and supply center. Hobsters quickly notice that most of the prisoners weren’t actually tied…

Guthwyn puts on her “magic helmet”. Every couple of minutes something reminds us that this is weird. But then we seem to forget. The repeated cycle confuses Guthwyn, so she takes a walk to clear her head and realizes what’s going on – mind control magic. She’s got to get Nwalme out of there. She says that she needs Nwalme right now so that she doesn’t make a mistake. That gets the two of them out of there and helps to clear his head as well.

Nwalme realizes that it’s a lesser geas.

Bo used luck (20:57). Araphor put things together and realizes that every three minutes or so, he gets clueless and figures that it’s ritual magic with a central caster – who isn’t the number 3 or number 4. And then forgets.

They realize the range needs to be at least 40 yards to be out of range of the caster.

Guthwyn tries to send a note in to get Araphor and Bo.

Most everyone is asleep. The elves are grabbing weapons.

A hobster fires at the caster, catches a flunky. Nwalme prepares a curse missile. Guthwyn and Araphor draw swords. Bo readies his bow and draws an arrow and gauges who needs to be shot and killed.

Elves are slaughtering sleeping people and animals. Some are scattering for some other reason. Others are advancing on the party.

Bo hits. Nwalme fizzles his curse missile. Hobsters launch a volley. Some of the elves are down. Bo hits. The hobsters’ arrows fell short by 2-3 yards.

Nwalme teleports behind the advancing elves successfully, but can’t act this round. Luckily, Guthwyn, on Arod, is bearing down on them. Arod takes out a magic user with his hooves nearly immediately.

Nwalme runs toward them; as does Guthwyn and Araphor. Bo hits one of the three elves are are charging him. Hobsters fire another volley. Nwalme gets ready to death touch the friggin’ elves. Araphor is finally close enough to slash the leg of one of the elves, crippling the leg and sending blood into the air. Guthwyn prefers to stab with her sword, embedding her sword in the victim. Nwalme blasts an elf with that death touch he’d been priming. Arod isn’t as fortunate, but wasn’t hurt.

Bo takes out another one. Araphor cripples another leg and deals with their counter-attack easily. Nwalme is pumping more death touch into elf that he’s grappling. But the little bastard was still able to cast frost bite on Nwalme with his dying breath. Arod gets singed by the elf that he stomped.

Two elves are coming after Bo. Hobsters shoot at them, as Bo continues to do his best to take them out.

A couple of the others are still fighting. Araphor whacks at another leg, crippling it and taking down another elf that is able to counter attack. With Araphor’s ballet of violence, he’s in position for his next attack to take out the remaining wounded elf near him. The faster elf gets the first strike in, aiming for Araphor’s unprotected part; Araphor takes out his leg.

When the skirmish ends, a headcount reveals that ten of the captured elves have escaped. Guthwyn wants them caught. Bo proposes that searching in groups might be more useful. Nwalme backs him; groups of three in each hunting group.

While the others are hunting, Bo gathers his arrows and finishes off the wounded elves.

Strike That - Reverse It
Water, water, everywhere...

We rejoin our heroes in the foothills near the Sea of Rhun and the mouth of the river, having captured a dark elf who was moving to prepare a ritual magic site. In addition the General Guthwyn and her retinue, we have with us Corp and his company.

Our captive has stones and water from 4-5 places along the river. After some questioning, the captive reveals where the ritual was going to happen: a spot of hill where they can see both, with a source of water into the river. The ritual group consists 72 dark elves all with magery

Araphor ponders starting a forest fire, to take out the whole area, but is concerned it won’t catch.

The party ponders whether or not it’s feasible to switch out the components for the spell, but feels it’s difficult to accomplish and of unknowable value.

Corp’s guy knows the area – he can get us to the area quickly, perhaps before the main group of elves arrives.

Approaching the clearing from a forest path, we notice cart tracks leading into the clearing. From an advantageous spot, we see two humans(?) at a lean-to, with 6-8 baskets of stuff. We’re about an hour ahead of the main body of elves, who are spreading out and slowing down.

Guthwyn walks up and chats up the men. They offer her coffee. They talk to her about the rocks in the baskets and even she can tell that they’re lying to her. She avoids the mistake of leaning into the lean-to at their suggestion.

Guthwyn gives the signal and Bo fires, killing one of them on the spot. Guthwyn quickly disables the other, capturing him (?)

We search the lean-to, and find river rocks (six baskets) and water (two leather containers).

Bo thinks about having Araphor make new useless water, but again it’s not clear whether that will have any more effect than no water at all. So instead they Araphor suggest dumping the water, and throwing the rocks far and wide in all directions. He recruits most of Corp’s men to assist with this while Nwalme questions the prisoner about the ritual, the elves, the plan, etc…

In ten minutes we were able to toss one and a half basket’s worth of stones. We continue as Nwalme questions them.

The elves are slowing down even farther. About a mile and a half away, they start spreading out and disperse into the woods.

Guthwyn wasn’t sure why the two men didn’t kill her.

The prisoner isn’t hard to question. He’s telling us things but we’re not sure if he knows much. He’s here to make sure that no one takes off with the rocks and water. He’s OK with working with orcs, as long as they pay. He thought 100 or so allies would be showing up, at which point he was to quietly accept his pay and take off, as they’re a touchy bunch. The leader was Benwa. He doesn’t know much. The elves won’t be showing up until a half hour before sunset.

Stormdancer is keeping an eye on the approaching groups of elves. They are in three loose groups and they stopped. They’re sitting with their heads down. Still far enough so that attacking one of the groups isn’t an option.

There’s a path out that he recommends. It’ll go toward the fort that’s nearby.

Guthwyn asks for a good spot to dam the creek/water. It’ll be hard because it’s not a fast-flowing water. The best is a few swampy areas that will become swampier. They are about a mile down the creek, an hour away, too far away.

When the baskets are light enough, we head out and scatter rocks as we walk.

As we’re clearly outnumbered, we discuss bringing in more troops to take out the elves.

We can spot section leaders, but not the overall leader. We can set up an ambush, but we could set up an ineffective fire.

Araphor recommends watching to see what they do and maybe listening by linking up with a local varmint. Bo watches, ready to fire into a ritual if needed.

Araphor uses his magic to reach out and find a helpful rabbit, to sneak in closer to the ritual area and be his eyes and ears.

Half an hour before sunset, the elves start coming up the hill. They mark out a ritual circle. Spotting the blood from the slain human, they become agitated and set up a perimeter to guard themselves.

They have their own baskets of water and rocks.

Araphor doesn’t understand what they’re saying; they’re speaking an Elvish tongue he doesn’t know. Nwalme gives Araphor the gift of tongues so that he can suddenly understand what’s being said by the elves. They talk about what they don’t have and how to assemble what they’ll need.

Nwalme can tell that the ritual area is a very high mana zone.

As they’re still setting up, the party decides that they’ve a good enough vantage point, and open fire. Bo gets two shots into both of the main spell casters. Nwalme gets a strike blind into one of the other ritual mages.

The rest of the troops (primarly Corp and his men) catch up and fire arrows into the elves, and the ritual is disrupted. The cauldron glows blue (leading Bo to surmise that it’ll be creating water rather than destroying it) and then it turns into a geyser, shooting water 100 feet or more into the air. It slows down after a few seconds, but water continues to pour from it steadily.

Nwalme blinds the elf bowman closest. We attack. The elves form two lines. Elves are down to 20 each. Bo snipes at the leaders as usual.

20 elves from the inner circle were washed away by the geyster, flooding, and some psychic blow-back from the spell collapse. Our forces approach to try to knock ’em down.

The elves ask for quarter. Guthwyn bypasses them and tries to kill those slow to speak. 27 captives, 22 dead, rest of the 72 missing…

Among those captured is one of the inner circle (#3 or #4), as well as several squad leaders.

Session notes, 11/9/2012
raw, for now...

Present: Pam (GM), Megan, Eric, Chris and Jp

Araphor and Bo have two prisoners. The one that Araphor shot has a deep and dangerous wound. (First aid will make sure he doesn’t die quickly.) The other isn’t walking any where.

Bo goes to signal the others to send Nwalme. Araphor successfully performs first aid on the gut shot prisoner. Nwalme gets up there and finds that the guy that’s gut shot doesn’t have much left at this point. He puts a major healing into him to get him stabilized enough to talk, etc… He can’t do much with the other guy.

(To recap: we went to the village that was the fallback point for the resistance; they had clearly been there and bugged out, but they left two watchers, which we caught.)

John Hawkward (Corp’s Company) is the guy with the leg wound. Guthwyn introduces herself as the Gen’l of the Roherum. She demands his orders: they were supposed to watch and report whether Corp was followed. They were supposed to be told where to go and they hadn’t been told anything yet. Supposed to hear back tomorrow.

(He’s been part of Corp’s company for three years now.) Guthwyn plays the “we’re after someone that is cohoots with the orcs”. Corp (big, ugly and scared) doesn’t sound like who we’re looking for. But the fair-haired guy that Corp works for does sound like the one that we’re looking for.

John talks about relocating the people that were there and how the fair haired guy raped the women. Corp walked in on it and pulled the locals and dragged out the women to bring them to the next village. Corp left with them.

Guthwyn shows him the sigil of the shield of the guy that we’re looking for. John thinks that it’s a white horse shield – which usually means royal guard – or someone that worked for the 3rd Prince.

The other guy has only been part of the company for a couple of weeks. He may or may not be connected to the fair-haired (possibly royals).

The other guy hasn’t woken up. That may or may not be feigned based on the amount of damage he’d taken before being healed. Nwalme slaps him awake.

Once Guthwyn mentioned Nwalme’s name; this guy clearly looked freaked and worried. Bo’s comments about Nwalme bringing him back from the brink of death for answers didn’t help. Nwalme goes back to work with mind reading for surface thoughts and detect lies, etc…

It’s certainly not a good sign that the prisoner (Roland) is doing his best to think of bland thoughts to hide his thoughts. Asking about Benwa (the person that we’re looking for) causes his mental façade to flutter briefly as he imagines a creature with a red eye and says ‘No’. Oddly, Nwalme doesn’t get a feeling that he’s lying.

Guthwyn wheedles to try to get him to talk. Bo and Guthwyn do their best to psych him out. Nwalme does a death touch to really hurt him (after the pain was only mildly annoying). His mental façade is starting to fai.

Nwalme keeps pushing to get an answer on where Benwa and Corp went. Roland says he doesn’t know. He thinks about them going to the sea; and Nwalme gets the thought that he thinks that he’s going to be rescued. The mental façade blocks Nwalme’s ability to tell whether he’s lying. Nwalme lets the rest of us know that Roland’s expecting rescue and Guthwyn calls for reinforcements. Nwalme pushes to find out where the signal device that just needs two taps to call in reinforcements; he learns it’s in his shoe. Bo pulls off both of his shoes and they find a stylized iron eye in his left shoe.

Nwalme decides that he needs to be dead, rather than alive and working against us. Nwalme learns that he’s a magic user when Roland starts gathering energy for a spell. Nwalme zaps him with a death touch.

Roland says that he’s already signaled and no one seems to be coming. A burst of energy came through the signal device and Roland died with a smile on his face, as he remembered the good things in his life.

John starts muttering about whether Corp realizes how bad a contract that they took was.

Only a day and a half away, going to the sea would be running toward the defensive line? Or up into the hills, if they’re going onto the other side to meet an orc army. (To the north.)

Aside about magic items, putting them under running water will disrupt them, but they can be found; melting them down in a great enough heat will do the job; wrapping them in silk is also supposed to help.

John thinks that they’re probably not going not going to the direct route. Since he didn’t see them (and neither did we), so the next route will be to the pass up into the hills to the west – then down river to the sea (to the North).

We track them, which isn’t all that difficult as there are about 33 people which are hard to hide. (5-6 Benwa and his people; the rest is Corp’s company). We need to back track now and again based on terrain; after a day’s trailing/tracking, we don’t feel that we’re catching up.

Night falls. And morning picks it back up. Fairly uneventful. Mid-morning, we find where they camped about a day and a half ago. We continue on and come to two cottages with their pig poke around dusk (4-5p). There are a couple of women (one old and one young) and a passel of loud kids.

Guthwyn asks if they heard of their quarry. They passed through here late yesterday afternoon. (We’re catching up with them!) Guthwyn warned the kids and the young mother to be wary of Benwa. They didn’t treat them too badly and didn’t foul the well. They’re heading to business down on the coast. Bo thought to ask about how they were paid for their pigs; Guthwyn gives her double the value for a silver coin that came from Corp himself. Hopefully, Nwalme will be able to use them to communicate with Corp. Guthwyn warns the women to be careful and that army might be coming. Araphor helps them by creating water into their tub to make up for what Corp and his people took from their well. (He creates five gallons of water for them.) No rapes, so Corp seems to still be influencing Benwa. And we’re only about 20 hours behind.

After 15-20 minutes of rest, we hit the road and find their camp about 20 minutes away. Further showing Corp’s influence.

Now comes the big question: to try telepathy to connect John Hawkward and Corp to try to warn him of what he’s in bed with. Guthwyn warns that contacting the Empress first might be useful. (Nwalme brings her up to date and it’s clear that the stress is getting to Her, as she complains about more trash that needs to be cleared out of the place. The Empress knows him. She gives him a pass code “elly says hi to maggie”. Still mustering troops, not much new news.

Now, Nwalme tries to initiate telepathy between Corp and John. Guthwyn brings up the awkward issue that it’s possible that one of the demonic magic users could be in front of us and could pop his head like a zit. Nwalme admits that there are dangers, but he and Araphor both think that going to Corp will help.

Nwalme successfully connects to John and then to Corp. Nwalme tries to gently wake Corp and get him to accept the telepathic call. He dreams of being in court in front of the empress and the emperor. Nwalme tries to impose himself in Corp’s dream to wake him up. As he’s dreaming of Maggie, Nwalme uses the passcode. Corp comes awake enough. Corp knows that Benwa is in league with the orcs and is trying to stop things.

Nwalme learns that they going to Dwarven Rock Falls and lets Corp know that we’re on our way and that we’ll do our best to try to get him in time. They should be on the coast around 1-2p; Nwalme says that he’ll try to contact him again around noon. (They’re about 6-8 hours away and we could catch up.)

If we rush in, we could lose the element of surprise. Guthwyn would like to be there when they hit the coast. We could set it up, so that we’re no more than an hour behind them at noon; we could be in a position to pounce. We can communicate back through the hobbits to the main force.

Storm Dancer can see them from first light, which makes following them much much easier.

The hobbits were able to pass the information found back to the group.

If it’s big party, attack early and get information out; if it’s a small party, attack earlier to make it two smaller groups.

Nwalme contacts Corp. He tried to slow them down, but it didn’t help much. They’re about 15-20 minutes away from the cove. Corp’s setting up a perimeter and knows that they’re meeting three boats with special passengers, but that could mean almost anything. And especially bad, Nazghul. Corp doesn’t want to attack until the boats arrive. He thinks it’s not a big deal with the boats.

Three viking long boat style boats, black, each with 20-30 people. All elves?! Some elves were left in the east. They seem a little fairer than usual.

We need to capture Benwa and get his information – hopefully about a way to warn off the elves. We need to get this information out. Nwalme tells Corp what’s going on; the hobbits pass information about the dark elves out the other way.

Corp takes Benwa and his boys. They’re heading toward us.

Boats are coming in.

Bo looks for some good places for sniping. Araphor wants to trick the elves into leaving; especially, as there’s no doubt that they can’t track us and catch us quickly.

Within 5 minutes, we’re all together.

Storm Dancer and Araphor keep an eye on the elves. Bo grabs the high ground and tries to defend/snipe. Nwalme wants to find out what elves deal is, but got nothing from Benwa.

The elves landed, left one elf on each boat. The elves split up and take the two paths out. They’re walking, but with the ground eating elvish pace.

Nwalme tries again to get the information out of Benwa. He learns that they’re here to drain the river and they’ve already been paid. We don’t know where the ritual has to take place or how it will be done. Rumors of the very dark elves were that they were really into the wild nature magic and controlling things. And with ritual magic, they can bring an immense amount of energy to play given enough time.

How far are they away from the river? Five days back. Gullies and rocky. Then plains and gullies.

If they’re doing it here, could their be an underground spring or lake that they are using? And why here, rather than closer to the river? Do they seem to be aware of us? They’re acting as though they’re on guard. They don’t seem to be coming toward/attacking us, though they’re clearly on guard.

A half an hour after we bug out, we realize that the elves and we are going in different directions. They’re going toward the castle. They’re definitely moving faster than us.

Nwalme learns that Benwa and his men have four bags of water and four bags of stones from different locations within the river that they were supposed to hand over to the elves. They are supposed to go to a plateau by the castle where they can see both the river and lake; that’s supposed to be where they’re going. Araphor mentions that he’s not above setting a forest fire to stop them.

But the question becomes how to set a forest fire? How feasible would it be? Unfortunately, currently the fire danger is currently low.

Hobbits get the message that some humans tried to force the river and failed.

Storm Dancer hasn’t seen any Nazghal.

Thaliandor is sending two of his men with forty roherem. The elves are helping, but aren’t at the main group yet.

Session notes 10/26/2012
raw, for now...

Present: Pam, Megan, Eric, Chris, and Jp

Court is still in session.

This is the third (of six) prisoners; he’s a corporal that may have been involved with death of the count of the eastern marches. Nwalme is casting compel truth (which he’s doing on everyone) and also mind reading (so he can get the surface thoughts as well).

He’s charged with being complicit in the murder of Countess Arianne.

Corporal doesn’t feel he’s guilty, as he was following the order of the lawful authority. She was killed three weeks ago (with two other members of his troop) in her chambers and she hasn’t been seen since. A body that may have been her has been found three days ago.

The corporal saw her the night she disappeared; they brought her out to the lord of the castle; servants carried out boxes; (He was actually in the room supervising as she was held by the men at arms and stabbed by the lord of the castle..) He’s willing to be executed; he feels he did his duty; serving his lord.

Nwalme learns that he may have been involved with the fifth columnists that are involved with preparing the way for the invasion. (The corporal knows who 15-20 of them are; knows where two locations are.)

His sentence is death – hanged, drawn and quartered, but held and his sentence suspended until such a time as Nwalme is done with him.

The last two prisoners: one was stealing food and brutalizing them, he stole food but was giving it back to them or others anonymously afterwards — pardoned, but to war; last one was a scum and murderer. Simple execution.

Araphor gathers three female guards for Guthwyn to help with the nazghal fighting duties. There names are:Willoe, Hunaria and Celena.

We hold off on our planning meeting until after Nwalme finishes questioning the corporal to see what’s up with the fifth columnists. Araphor heads out to try to get some hobbits for Guthwyn’s guard.

The questioning was difficult, but not the worst he’s had to deal with. It helped that Nwalme had some hints to what it was: in twenty minutes, he finds that he was supposed to join his lord at a cottage outside the city gates; if he couldn’t get there within 24 hours; the next place was a village by the border; there’s a small camp and a cache – that was supposed to be the primary command post (48 hours, which has already passed). If he didn’t make it out, there’s a secondary command post, but he doesn’t know where that is.

There are three people (one at the castle gate, two transferred to the border guard camps). Their jobs is to disrupt control and command. There are other disruptions planned, but he doesn’t know the specifics: raids, capture couriers, destroy food and water, generally make things tougher. Nwalme recommends putting the hobsters on that to keep that crap to a minimum, figuring they’d know the tactics and how to handle them.

The corporal (and assumably others) think that it might be a power play; it’s not common knowledge that the third prince was selling out the empire. This knowledge might also help turn a number of the third prince’s stooges.

Araphor reached out to the hobsters. Three more hobsters are assigned to Guthwyn’s personal guard.

Small planning session with us and Thaliandor about what he learned from questioning the corporal.

Should he go? There’s 15-20, at least 10-15 with the lord himself.

Latest reports are that the flow of refuges has trickled down to nothing. And there are significant troop build ups 1-2 days away on the other side of the river. We’re in the foothills (castle). More ponies/chariots 3 days out in the steppes. Smoke/fires – constantly burning villages? None of the refugees have seen orcs.

We have 3 bridges we have to worry about; and one of them is narrow enough that it’s not difficult to ford/swim, etc… the other two area have more water, which makes fording harder; there also aren’t good roads.

Count’s plan: impede, make sure there are companies (100+ troops) that are at various points to slow and harass. Forward reaction points to be able to fall back to. Bo reminds that they might or probably have the same communication abilities that we do thanks to their known boxes.

Nwalme thinking of using Pathfinder/Seeker to find the lord. His rooms and some of his stuff is still here.

We head out at first light to check out and try to find the lord.

Other news:
Empress is forming guard under General Alfren and General Smile (supply train).

There’s no sign that the misbegotten lord is raising his own army? Not sure, but he might be grabbing a few troops here and there, but that’s about it.

There are three camps. Not the deeps, mentioned previously, but more watered, staging areas. We’re going to the second one (by the foothills where the lord had his first camp). Bring some of the new guard, in case there’s issues. We head to the foothills, so Nwalme can cast ancient history on the place.

Willoe – (clearly officer material) weapons perfectly clean; well organized, practice, drills and fairly intelligent; Honorea rides well, not too too intelligent; Celena is a bit vain, but seems competent.

Reports: fires seem to have stopped. No new fires. A couple of refuges reported big armies that they had to sneak through. Armies about less than half a day from the river.

On the way to the villages; things are empty and abandoned; village is empty, not even the last hangers on that should be there. There were signs that there was a camp here yesterday. (This is the ex-primary command center, trying to find clues.)

They see a place in the woods that had a couple of empty chests and a brand new broken sword hilt. Nwalme casts the history on the broken sword hilt, but unfortunately it was broken by accident and never had a person. This seems to have been a weapons cache.

Nwalme’s chain with the eye on it is starting to activate and get a magical connection to it. (About a week ago, he got the eye. It was owned by an extremely self-confident fellow that hadn’t had a real challenge in 3-4 generations; had the confidences of some of the most powerful entities in middle earth; this connected to something VERY VERY dark that makes Nazghul seem white and fluffy. 4 points of damage from headache and hand burning. During communication – it got very hot.)

Bo finds that people were staying here as of yesterday, but there were also guards walking circuit as well. Ravens and crows having a feast 20-30’ away. (Carcass?) Stormdancer spots lookouts keeping an eye on the village – they can see the village and the approaches. (2 miles away with a good view of the approaches.)

Araphor and Bo are on sneaking up on the spotters. The others check out the carcasses; 2 humans and a soldier; they seem like they might have been locals. They find a trench (ancient road up); crit. We can see them.

Bo and Araphor aim and let fly. Bo’s leg and not running. Araphor’s gut shot and almost dead.

Session notes 8/11/2012
raw, for now...

Present: Pam, Eric, Jp, Chris and Conall (as Megan)

In the throne room, people in shock. The third prince’s guard stop and they’re not sure what to do (and they’re out-numbered). The prince’s aide and the count of the eastern marches take over the garrison.

The elves are presented: Sir Hardwyn and his retinue. They have the escaping henchmen (the rapist) and the Prince takes the throne and announces his doing his father’s will and help serve. He calls for the king/queen.

Court continues.

We’re called in to talk privately – police, gates and barracks are secured. On to the drug manufacturing plant. Our plan: get a few people in and then have guards surround and take the plant.

Talk to the guards to get intel; Nwalme gets into their heads to get full view of things. Illusion of the Mage and a few captured guards to be present for the capture. Guards reveal that there is a glass rod on the second floor to break in case of emergency. (Amid potion storage equipment.) Nwalme recognizes something that might be a gate/protective circle.

Illusion disguises: Nwalme and Guthwyn. Bo and Araphor go illusion free. (About a minute out.)

We see our first guard. Nwalme bluffs past him and we find they’re about ready to destroy the place. Just waiting for the word. We head upstairs. (No busy bees on the first floor.)

Barrels aren’t being tended except from a assistant. Nwalme tells him that they’re gonna start up or tear down. We replace the guards and grab their weapons. We’re the only people here but Nwalme senses something on the other side by the circle. As they walk to the office, they see bowls that might be part of the destruction sequence. He lets us know we might have to fight.

An old man (really really old) black-clad Mage in the office. He calls Nwalme by the name of the Mage – Melly. He’s made Nwalme and Nwalme knows it. He alerts Thaliandor. Bo locks the door. The evil mage locks Nwalme’s arms and the Araphor’s arm (after he drew his sword). Guthwyn runs for the second door.

Meanwhile, Nwalme frees himself from the spell and poltergeists a flask of ‘acid’ at the evil Mage. Araphor closes to kick. The evil Mage says something in a language that Nwalme somewhat recognizes; he was starting to fade away. Araphor knocks the evil Mage out and disrupts his spell.

Bo and Guthwyn continue to guard the door. Supposedly the prince had the Mage under control. The other guards want in.

Evil Mage is unconscious and Araphor has his sword to his throat. He’s wearing Sauron’s sigil, has a couple of wands, and lots of Gold. Wearing a noticeable ring, but it’s not one of the main ones. Nwalme casts a sleep on him. Then he does a mind search on him to get: "where’s your personal base of operations?’ “suite four stories down from the master’s location; 800 miles to the east”

‘when is the attack on Rohan?’ “two weeks; maybe move it up now that it’s blown”

Araphor lops off his head. The eye explodes injuring the guys (17 A & 14 N).

Bo heads over to give N first aid, successfully.

We manage to stop the fire and keep the factory from being fully destroyed.

A and N will wake up ok.

Nwalme, when healed, fills in the Prince, the elves, and the Empress that S is coming. And soon. The messages go out. It’ll take more than two weeks for the E to raise her army. Thaliandor tries to raise a company of E Guards. The C of the Eastern Marches sounds an orderly retreat/regroup. The elves are rallying.

N questions the Mage. Mordy is the evil dead Mage. 3rd Prince was in it up to his eyes since long before R & G. Mordy was involved in the usurper; he claimed to be over 1000yrs old; gate was a teleported and summoner. Nazhguls involved in some equipment. They’ve been here. The gate goes directly to mordy’s base.

Mordy was his teacher. He’s learned mechanics and rituals.

We can run the production, though the gate will be destroyed.

Plan was that the usurper would take over giving Sauron time to power up. Sauron is still a shadow of himself. A dangerous shadow.

How long to the eastern march? 5 days ready for action.

Where in the eastern marches, though?

Pop Goes the Weasel
...the spectacular demise of a deadly enemy

Present: Pam, Megan, Chris, Jp, Eric

Bo and Araphor heading to the castle to start getting ready via the secret passage – no trouble.
Guthwyn and Nwalme dragged the unconscious mage to the crones. Count’s kids are staying with the crones.
Thaliandor in the rooming house with a small squad (2 that had helped G&N headed back). Count of Eastern March with him.
Elves nearby but haven’t yet made an appearance.

We all get back together at 8am in the Prince’s quarters (Prince Leonere – Prince #1)

Background: Fengel (Prince #2) and Eorcanstan (Prince #3)
Isoldaria is one of Leonere’s agents.

Daily Court will be at 10am.

The elves will make their appearance in the city.
Isoldaria will waylay the queen.
Eorcanstan’s bodyguards should already be ‘poisoned’ and ill.
Sending the Senechal that leads the Royal Progress to go welcome the elves.
This should clear the way for Leonere to tell his father that he looks tired, so that he (L) could take court today.

Bo offers to take the high ground. There are two points: one is right behind the throne and the other is a peep hole where the director/bodyguard watch.

Bo will take the bodyguard/sniper position with his bow.

Bo reads the augurs and passes his thoughts on: he thinks that Eorcanstan’s bodyguard is going to try to kill him upstairs. He keeps that to himself, knowing that by making himself the target, he leaves the others free to act.

Nwalme preps a spell into the curse missile wand – strike blind.

We file into court, the audience is there, but none of the royalty is there. The person running court today is one of Leonere’s men. He knows the plan.

In comes Prince Eorcanstan (without his normal bodyguard), he’s got a different one behind him – a young, inexperience soldier. Prince Leonere comes in. Ten or so minutes after things should have started, no king, but word comes about the elves arriving in town.

Leonere in his father’s stead, sends the royal progress guy to go welcome the elves and bring them hence. He hesitates, but heads off.

Prince Eorcanstan is extremely nervous upon hearing the news about the elves. He leans over to speak to Prince Leonere, and his told no about something he wants to do. The door from the King’s Door opens and the herald announces the king, his page and his bodyguard.

The king apologies for the lack of the queen/she has been unavoidably detained.

Leonere leans over to touch the father (casting a spell?) and says his father looks poorly. The king let’s Leonere take over his duties at court as planned. The king and the page head out.

Eorcanstan leans over to his bodyguard, sure that something’s going on now. He’s talking to Leonere, clearly trying to get his way about something. Eorcanstan wants to suspend court, Leonere won’t let him.

Bo sees Eorcanstan signal his men and tries (ineffectively) to signal to the others what happened. But fails totally.

Nwalme casts Telepathy on Bo.

Herald begins court.

  • Tin mining patent/tax terms.
  • More court
  • Even more court

A commotion begins outside. A messenger comes in warning of infiltrators: Empress’ Guard led by the Count of the Eastern March.

Eorcanstan really looks freaked out.

Leonere asks how this could be infiltrators.

Eorcanstan says that the Empress’ Guard must formally request admission a day in advance.

Leonere says that he’s never heard of such an agreement.

Eorcanstan says it’s a long standing agreement and continues to talk down his older brother, trying to make it clear that he’s not competent. (Nothing that we knew about.)

Almost on cue, a small group of Roharian come in. They were seasoned warriors. They enter through the main doors. Eorcanstan claims they are his guards to protect us. The messenger says that they are here on Eorcanstan’s orders.

We watch for L’s lead on this.

Leonere calls his personal guard to the dias (from behind them) and says that there’s clearly a disturbance. It’s clear to observers that Eorcanstan’s relaxing and feeling more in control, as Leonere is getting more nervous. He signals us to step forward through the crowd, as Eorcanstan’s people move forward into the court.

We’re noticed by the messenger as we move closer to the dias. We’re pretty sure he’s Eorcanstan’s flunky.

Eorcanstan calls us out. “Who are you? What are you doing in this hall?”

Leonere says they’re representatives of the Empress’ Guard who haven’t asked permission.

Guthwyn says “Make way in the name of the Empress” and moves through the crowd. No one has drawn a weapon.

Eorcanstan quick draws his sword and charges Guthwyn in a berserker/bloodlust rage. Leonere charges out to try to protect Guthwyn. Herald rushed to try to block Leonere.

Bo shot an arrow into one of Eorcanstan’s men to put them into disarray. Luck to kick the damage up to 7 (20:26). (He wonders if he should have shot Prince Eorcanstan.)

Araphor drew his spear.

Guthwyn quick drew her sword and stepped forward to protect Araphor’s back.

Nwalme cast strike blind on Prince Eorcanstan and saw the prince’s torc slightly glow and had an image of it eating his spell.

The guards attack. Araphor doesn’t parry, but his armor shrugs off the attack. (Empress Guard Armor™ accept no substitutes.)

Leonere puts himself between Guthwyn and his berserk brother to try to protect her.

Eorcanstan throws himself at her and manages to get one of his blows past her defenses for a critical hit that does an immense amount of damage: 31 points of cutting damage. With her dying blow, she does 12 points to his vitals (luckily, he is not wearing full armor).

Leonere screams her name and crumples, taking her in his arms. He’s also wearing a torc, which glows and Nwalme gasps as 14 points of healing courses into her body. (-21+14 to -7 and safe from death).

The herald puts his pole between the princes and ineffectively calls for them to hold.

Araphor is Capt. All-out-defense.

Nwalme tries a Death Touch on Prince Eorcanstan. It’s a crit!!! 12pts that overloads and destroys the torc, which blew up the torc and killed Prince Eorcanstan.

Bo calls out for the guards to put down their weapons in the name of the Empress’ Guard.

Then Thaliandor and the actual Empress’ Guard kick in the door!

Leonere (at Guthwyn’s prodding) gets up and takes control of the situation. Which is made harder, when the first thing is sees is his brother’s corpse.

Guthwyn tries to convince him that Eorcanstan died of his wounds. (Chances are that Nwalme will never let her live it down that HE was the one that killed the 3rd prince of Rohan – not Rene, and not Guthwyn.)

Leonere takes a breath and snaps back into it. He takes control and sorts everything out regally. He calls for a surgeon and a healer for his brother. “We’ve all known my brother’s obsession with the warrior Guthwyn though these many years, but it is sad that meeting her caused him to lose control. Now we must mourn but still move on.” He takes control and signals the director to get everything moving.

Lots of pages running around and passing lots and lots of messages.

Nwalme heals Guthwyn for another 8 (1). He examines Eorcanstan and thinks there’s no point in healing him. He’s not quite dead yet, and Nwalme tries telepathy. Prince Eorcanstan isn’t really there. All he thinks is that he finally got her. Nwalme whispers to send him on his way, “No, you didn’t. She still lives.” Eorcanstan dies in soul-crushing despair.

Guthwyn let Leonere down and points out that she needs to serve the empress. There are so few guards after the Usurper’s attacks. He hopes she will be able to visit. (Nwalme hops in to tell him that they can make sure she’ll visit.) Guthwyn doesn’t want to make the future queen as her enemy.

Back story on Prince Eorcanstan – he wanted Guthwyn, everyone wanted her – she was pretty, capable and dumb as a stump. What a woman! Everyone was smitten with her. Everyone stayed out of the way. Eorcanstan had targeted her; she wanted the conquest. She rejected him, but that didn’t stop him. No one really noticed. The second time, everyone noticed. But they realized it was just Guthwyn being Guthwyn. He tried again. She shot him down again and she ripped him a new one; that was too much to bear. It was about to come to a fight to the death.

Rene stepped in to save her by calling him out for a private duel and it became known that he had beaten the Prince. (He was one of the Empress’ spies and it was known he was working for her, so he was expelled from Rohan.) He managed to get Guthwyn as one of his guards. And that’s how she found her way into the Empress’ Guard.


Bo is 30y/90’ away.

Session notes 1/6/2012
raw, for now...

Pam, Megan, Chris, Eric and Jp

Out of Game: Recap from Jp’s notes

Nwalme (Eric) still thinks that night is easier. Bo (Jp) likes day, as more people are around and moving, and it’s easier to see.

So the plan is to replace the boy and then go get the girl, and then take them out to the encampment of the elves outside the city. (As it’s the safest place.)

As Prince 1 thinks about it, we all head back, we get the kids (get them somewhere safe), he wants the elves to come in for morning court at 10am. The king and the other princes will be there and that’s when Prince 1 will make his announcement.


  • First get the boy:
  • * Mass daze the room
  • * Replace the boy with a created ‘servant’.
  • Recharge
  • Then get the girl:
  • * Mass daze the room
  • * Replace the girl with a created ‘servant’.
    The servants will be programmed with the following commands:
  • Act sleepy and/or sick, if questioned

There’s a passage from the castle to close to the safe house.

Thaliandor will be arriving by dawn (4:30-5)… We send him to the safe house, where we’ll be bringing the kids.

Safe words for the children: “Gruff gruff says it’s okay.” We’ve also got a token.

We still need to catch Prince 3’s mage, because he’s the only one that knows the crucial missing step in the process that will create the drug.

Nwalme’s thought – control person, rather than mass daze. The mass daze is safer and cheaper.

We head into town. We are having dinner in the castle, recharging and waiting.

2am – There’s movement in the prince’s suite. He’s up and meeting with his advisors and aides. Plotting and preparing for who needs to be where.

  • Three people need to be NOT present in the throne room when Prince 1’s announcement is made:
  • * Chief bodyguard to Prince 3.
  • * Chief of the Royal Progress
  • * Queen

The plan begins…

We make our way to the boy’s room. There are 8-9 kids 7-8 in one bed, 1 on the floor between them. Unluckily for us, the child on the floor wasn’t our target, but we were lucky in that the target is sleeping on the edge.

Create the servant first. Successfully makes it look as much like the target as possible.

Then the Mass Daze for an area 2 for 4fat to catch them all. The extra motion in the kid puppy pile went away. Bo gets the kids and slips quietly out of the room, before Nwalme sends in the ‘servant’ to take his place.

Take the kid to a quiet room where Guthwyn (Megan) will tell the boy the code phrase and fill him in. He seems to take it well. Especially, when Nwalme tells the kid to be quiet.

Nwalme rests for 10 minutes (1 from Araphor (Chris)) and (5) to full.

We make our way to the girl’s room. Lady in Waiting central. More difficult: four beds and we need to slip past two beds to get to the target in a 24×18.

Create the servant.
Araphor gives Nwalme 2 to get him back to full.
Mass daze for the room. (There’s not much difference between before and after the spell in this time.)
Guthwyn sneaks in and leans over to get the target (reaching over another girl). Guthwyn finds that the girl she was reaching over was just asleep and not dazed. She shifts over to reach over a dazed girl instead. She tries again. Unfortunately, she almost drops the target. She recovers, gracelessly, but successfully. Though, she is unable to pull the overs up, as well as picking up the target. She slips out of the room.
Send the servant in and into bed.

Quietly carry the girl to a private, quiet place for him to wake up his sister and then Guthwyn will sum up.

Nwalme and Araphor recharge. (Girl wants a knife, Guthwyn gives it to her.)

(Boy 8, girl 12)

Rest for 10 minutes: Araphor full, Nwalme -3.

Head to the safe house via the passage way. Servant goes first to check things out.

3 women are in the safe house. All old crones, they don’t share one eye between them. Delighted to have children in the house. (I make a we’ve got hard candy comment and got a laugh out of Pam.) It only takes a little while to realize that they’re retired guardsmen.

We head back to the castle and meet with Prince 1 to report. We leave Nwalme and Guthwyn with the kids.

Prince 1 assigns one retainer and a servant to keep the queen occupied. The plan is a comedy of errors to keep her occupied.

Around 4am, the ‘servants’ disappear. The count’s daughter is discovered missing as soon as the Ladies in Waiting woke up. They hurried to check on the count’s son. A useful servant offered up the thought that they’re hiding together. Kerfuffle. The two ladies that were watching the daughter are chastised. A few servants are looking around and trying to find them. They seem to be convinced that the kids are still in the castle, so that things are safe.

Around 5:30, Nwalme checked in.

Around 6, we hear that the Empress’ guard are passing through and are coming to pay their respects to the king at court.

The place where the soldiers are going to stay is near the safe house. (They’re able to slip into the safe house without raising hackles by wandering the are to try to throw off pursuit by a much more nervous Prince 3. The count and a trusted guardsman go to the safe house.)

The count and children reunite happily. The count leaves the girls with the Crones – initially, they were a bit of a hit squad back in the day. Certainly, still formidable.

We find out from the Count that Prince 3 has plans to destroy the drug manufacturing facility. Count knows exactly where the mage is and how we can get him.

Nwalme and Guthwyn head to the Joe’s and Josie’s whore house (ask for Madge) to catch the mage. Nwalme preps by casting strike blind into his mage’s stick. (He fills us in telepathically about where he’s going.)

The girls aren’t helpful, when they ask for Madge and aren’t willing to send them to Madge, who’s with a client. Nwalme zots the bouncer with a death touch (8pt dam). They head up to the room that the terrified bouncer sent them to. (Someone was having sex in there.)

It was the mage. Nwalme threw strike blind at him. Hitting him nicely.

The mage casts mass daze, dazing both Guthwyn and Nwalme. Madge is screaming. The mage extracts himself from Madge and falls to the ground. When the strike blind would end, Nwalme wakes up, keeps the spell up and realizes that he can keep from letting the mage know that he’s awake. The mage is trying to get out of the room. He seems to be starting to cast a spell, even if he’s blind. Madge is cowering in the corner and doing her best to stay out of being in the middle of a wizard battle.

Nwalme successfully casts control person on the mage and now has a meat puppet. He slaps Guthwyn to wake her up, sees the mage starting to cast his spell and then slumps to the ground. The mage says “Guthwyn Nwalme has switched bodies.” Luckily for them, she believes it. George walks by as Guthwyn is tying up the naked mage with Nwalme unconscious on the floor. George, the bouncer, walks by and sees this and says “That’ll cost extra.” (Jp got it and got 2 XP for it.)

Mage is dressed, tied up, and gagged. Guthwyn uses the pummel of her knife to knock the mage out. Nwalme switched back to his body before getting struck.

Guthwyn gave extra money to Madge.

They take the unconscious mage to the safe house and left him to the tender mercy of the crones.

Game Notes 10/7/2011
  1. BURPS Game – 10/07/11
  1. Chris’ Plan (from his email)

We’ve just met up with Prince #1 (the botanist).

Chris’ plan:
1. Contact Thaliandor immediately, and have him and his men head for us directly, bringing with them the Count of the Eastern Marches. That should take about 2 days.

2. We rescue the Count’s children from the Royal Progress, and secure them with the count (or trusted personnel in the castle, if timing is a problem) to enlist his support for the coming confrontation. That should take the morning, as the Progress is due to arrive then.

3. We bring the first prince into nearby Greenwood with the hope of enlisting the aid of the elves. They will need to take his measure and hear his intelligence if they’re to believe the Dark Lord is rising and that he is worthy of their support in combating the threat.

It’s a long day’s work, and #3 is the most difficult, but if we can do these things quickly we have a solid hope of bringing the proper forces to bear in three days.

4. Assuming we have a spare day upon returning from Greenwood, we should capture and interrogate the seneschal’s chief mage to discover the remaining piece of the drug refining progress.

  1. Our planning
    First, bring up the idea with Prince 1 (the botanist), Leo about going into Greenwood. He was excited and interested, but has to be there when the Royal Progress arrives.

Greenwood is about a 1/2 day travel there and back.

Prince 1 has 6 guards, 2 scribes, 1 body servant, 1 cousin (who’s with the royal progress), 1 cook, 1 private spy master (out of Prince 2’s residence), he’s got a mole: a hauler within the drug production group.

Next step: we contact Empress and Thaliandor to make them aware and get them onboard. We’ll be rescuing the children post-Greenwood.

Prince 1, Leo will greet the Royal Progress and then head to Greenwood. He’s been retroactively planning this for weeks.

Nwalme contacts Thaliandar. He’ll be able to get there the morning of the 22nd. The day after tomorrow.

The count is going to be given his weapons as a show of faith, but we recommend that people with him remain on their guard.

The Royal Progress shows up. (The advance people: cooks and service folks, etc… show up at 8am to make sure that everything is perfect for when they show up.)

We’re hiding out in the castle, so that Prince 1 can grab us as soon as he wishes.

The king arrives. They throw money to the crowd. There’s a big hullabaloo. The crowd is ecstatic. The first prince welcomes his father, his brothers and his cousins. It looks very good from a distance. Everything seems normal.

They retire at 11am to relax before lunch. Prince 1 excuses himself to go to Greenwood to look at a new species of butterfly. The third prince says he’s heading to go inspect the police barracks and the defenses (which is next to the factory).

Nwalme throws illusions over people to avoid being too noticeable. More people than expected took second looks (but not thirds) – possibly due to the fact that there is an elf in their midst. We head off to Greenwood. Everything is uneventful until we get to the woods.

Greenwood lives up to it’s name. It’s dark. A few hours in, we bump into some of the Greenwood elves. The king is far away, but we have a warder that we can talk to. Chris’ character relies on his diplomacy to explain about the rising dark in the east.

The elves seem a little put off (and go a bit pale) at the news. They recognize Chris’ half-elf lineage and there’s a certain response from an elvish poacher upon hearing about the questioner.

The elves take us off the road and put us on an elvish path. We make really good time and get to a tree house in a maloryn (the gold leaf trees). The lord is old and withered. He’s been around a long (long…) time.

We back up and let the prince do the negotiations with the lord. It’s a diplomatic tour de force, as he requests help from the elves to defeat the rising dark again by getting trained armored support. The lord shakes off his age and gathers his strength to go forth again. “Call forth my guard, we ride in 2 hours”. 25 horse + 20-30 men at arms and + 20-30 scouts/woodsmen/woodcrafty elves/poachers. The scouts won’t enter the city.

We tell the lord that they should wait outside the city until the pieces are in play. Rifflin will be leading them. (He’s one of the first Greenwood elves that we met.) We’ve got a way to communicate with them.

We’ll be spending the evening in Greenwood and arriving back tomorrow in the middle of day. We have a meal and then travel – lots of singing, stories and one-upmanship between the poachers and the non-poachers.

Nwalme casts analyze magic on the drug sample. He tries identify spell and history spell. Two spells: 1 from healing college, 2nd unknown, and the drug itself does a lot of the work. The seeds came from the far north, everything else from a number of places, distilled four days ago. Two spells: both performed as a ritual. It’s a complicated and nuanced spell. It feels like the healing college spell is a lot like neutralize poison, which isn’t the primary spell. Primary spell is a drunkenness variation that might have a third spell hidden in there. A nightmare variant is the third spell.

The butterflies and the healing chrysalises are common in central Greenwood.

We go to sleep late that night. Next morning, we travel on. By 8am, we’re at the edge of Greenwood. We have botanical collections and we’re about two hours from the castle. Thaliandar should be in the city already. Nwalme contacted Thaliandar. They’re all in the count’s friend’s house by the gate. The elves are at the edge of Greenwood.

Prince 1 thinks that the kids are all in the foster group of children. (The Count’s kids 12yo girl/8yo boy.) Prince 1’s cousin is friendly with the Prince 2’s wife. The sister is with the Prince 2’s household. The little kids (tapestry rats) unfortunately, sure where they are. We should be able to spot him at the weapon’s practice (around 2pm, after lunch).

The mage is in the city. He headed out when we arrived to head out to meet/talk to Prince 3.

We’re back in the castle. It’s late morning. (We’re under illusions and hiding within Prince 1’s rooms.) The latest reports from the driver is that some time this afternoon, they’re going to run out of seed. They stopped sharing the drug as freely as they had been doing. They’re rationing the drugs to keep people from dying for 3-4 weeks.

8 barrels of seed = 1 barrel of concentrated drug. And that’s watered down before it’s given to the addicts.

News: Count of Eastern March’s daughter is being watched by another lady in waiting. Two 12yos are keeping an eye on the count’s son.

Frantic communications from Prince 3’s group to try to find something that’s missing. Armed men buzzing in an out.

Nwalme’s suggestion – get the boy isolated and create servant to create a duplicate to fill his spot. It won’t act like him, but it might get us too much time. He can do a mass daze, create the servant and order it to act sleepy, swap out the boy. He should be able to create two servants and then cast mass dazes.

Araphor wants to do it at night. Guthwyn and Bo think day might be easier.

Both rooms we can get into via secret passages. Night becomes a lot more adventageous. The rooms are 20′×30′.


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