Magic-wielding ranger of the North, heir to the Empire (several places removed).


A young-looking man with some slight elven features. He has a calm demeanor, and while his courtly manners are sufficient, he feels most at home in the wild.

His pet falcon, Stormdancer, is ever-present.


Araphor is the son of Firiel, a Duke of Arnor, and grew up in the restored city of Fornost Erain.

Firiel was an ambitious and ruthless man; not so his son. Rather than spend time in court with his unbearable father, Araphor took to the woods. He learned the skills of a Ranger of the North, and alongside it learned a respect for the natural world.

Being of partial elven blood – he is a scion of Aragorn and Arwen – Araphor has some minor magical talent. He has chosen to specialize his magical skills around the natural world he loves so much, focusing his learning on plants, animals, and water.

When Araphor came of age to leave Fornost and his father’s court, he did not hesitate to do so. On their last boar hunt together – the only activity they both enjoyed – Araphor informed his father that he was heading south to Isengard to take the Empress’ oath. His father laughed and bade him good riddance.


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