Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

The Battle Ends...

The battle continued between our heroes and their ambushers. Most unnerving were the water-warriors that sprang up at the command of one of the elves. ’Twas a long and bloody struggle, but our heroes emerged as the victors. Nwalme, Guthwyn, Strongw├╝lf and the bodyguard were all injured in the fray.

Arod and the horses arrived not long afterward, as the party tended to the wounded and searched the bodies of the waylayers. Nwalme made sure to heal both Strongw├╝lf and the bodyguard quickly, to lead the retreat back to base camp as soon as possible.

Bo quickly and quietly “neutralized” the magic-using elf, following the squad’s semi-official policy. On the mage’s body he found a green stone that bore a passing resemblance to the bridge stones found along the river.



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