Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Session notes, 11/9/2012

raw, for now...

Present: Pam (GM), Megan, Eric, Chris and Jp

Araphor and Bo have two prisoners. The one that Araphor shot has a deep and dangerous wound. (First aid will make sure he doesn’t die quickly.) The other isn’t walking any where.

Bo goes to signal the others to send Nwalme. Araphor successfully performs first aid on the gut shot prisoner. Nwalme gets up there and finds that the guy that’s gut shot doesn’t have much left at this point. He puts a major healing into him to get him stabilized enough to talk, etc… He can’t do much with the other guy.

(To recap: we went to the village that was the fallback point for the resistance; they had clearly been there and bugged out, but they left two watchers, which we caught.)

John Hawkward (Corp’s Company) is the guy with the leg wound. Guthwyn introduces herself as the Gen’l of the Roherum. She demands his orders: they were supposed to watch and report whether Corp was followed. They were supposed to be told where to go and they hadn’t been told anything yet. Supposed to hear back tomorrow.

(He’s been part of Corp’s company for three years now.) Guthwyn plays the “we’re after someone that is cohoots with the orcs”. Corp (big, ugly and scared) doesn’t sound like who we’re looking for. But the fair-haired guy that Corp works for does sound like the one that we’re looking for.

John talks about relocating the people that were there and how the fair haired guy raped the women. Corp walked in on it and pulled the locals and dragged out the women to bring them to the next village. Corp left with them.

Guthwyn shows him the sigil of the shield of the guy that we’re looking for. John thinks that it’s a white horse shield – which usually means royal guard – or someone that worked for the 3rd Prince.

The other guy has only been part of the company for a couple of weeks. He may or may not be connected to the fair-haired (possibly royals).

The other guy hasn’t woken up. That may or may not be feigned based on the amount of damage he’d taken before being healed. Nwalme slaps him awake.

Once Guthwyn mentioned Nwalme’s name; this guy clearly looked freaked and worried. Bo’s comments about Nwalme bringing him back from the brink of death for answers didn’t help. Nwalme goes back to work with mind reading for surface thoughts and detect lies, etc…

It’s certainly not a good sign that the prisoner (Roland) is doing his best to think of bland thoughts to hide his thoughts. Asking about Benwa (the person that we’re looking for) causes his mental façade to flutter briefly as he imagines a creature with a red eye and says ‘No’. Oddly, Nwalme doesn’t get a feeling that he’s lying.

Guthwyn wheedles to try to get him to talk. Bo and Guthwyn do their best to psych him out. Nwalme does a death touch to really hurt him (after the pain was only mildly annoying). His mental façade is starting to fai.

Nwalme keeps pushing to get an answer on where Benwa and Corp went. Roland says he doesn’t know. He thinks about them going to the sea; and Nwalme gets the thought that he thinks that he’s going to be rescued. The mental façade blocks Nwalme’s ability to tell whether he’s lying. Nwalme lets the rest of us know that Roland’s expecting rescue and Guthwyn calls for reinforcements. Nwalme pushes to find out where the signal device that just needs two taps to call in reinforcements; he learns it’s in his shoe. Bo pulls off both of his shoes and they find a stylized iron eye in his left shoe.

Nwalme decides that he needs to be dead, rather than alive and working against us. Nwalme learns that he’s a magic user when Roland starts gathering energy for a spell. Nwalme zaps him with a death touch.

Roland says that he’s already signaled and no one seems to be coming. A burst of energy came through the signal device and Roland died with a smile on his face, as he remembered the good things in his life.

John starts muttering about whether Corp realizes how bad a contract that they took was.

Only a day and a half away, going to the sea would be running toward the defensive line? Or up into the hills, if they’re going onto the other side to meet an orc army. (To the north.)

Aside about magic items, putting them under running water will disrupt them, but they can be found; melting them down in a great enough heat will do the job; wrapping them in silk is also supposed to help.

John thinks that they’re probably not going not going to the direct route. Since he didn’t see them (and neither did we), so the next route will be to the pass up into the hills to the west – then down river to the sea (to the North).

We track them, which isn’t all that difficult as there are about 33 people which are hard to hide. (5-6 Benwa and his people; the rest is Corp’s company). We need to back track now and again based on terrain; after a day’s trailing/tracking, we don’t feel that we’re catching up.

Night falls. And morning picks it back up. Fairly uneventful. Mid-morning, we find where they camped about a day and a half ago. We continue on and come to two cottages with their pig poke around dusk (4-5p). There are a couple of women (one old and one young) and a passel of loud kids.

Guthwyn asks if they heard of their quarry. They passed through here late yesterday afternoon. (We’re catching up with them!) Guthwyn warned the kids and the young mother to be wary of Benwa. They didn’t treat them too badly and didn’t foul the well. They’re heading to business down on the coast. Bo thought to ask about how they were paid for their pigs; Guthwyn gives her double the value for a silver coin that came from Corp himself. Hopefully, Nwalme will be able to use them to communicate with Corp. Guthwyn warns the women to be careful and that army might be coming. Araphor helps them by creating water into their tub to make up for what Corp and his people took from their well. (He creates five gallons of water for them.) No rapes, so Corp seems to still be influencing Benwa. And we’re only about 20 hours behind.

After 15-20 minutes of rest, we hit the road and find their camp about 20 minutes away. Further showing Corp’s influence.

Now comes the big question: to try telepathy to connect John Hawkward and Corp to try to warn him of what he’s in bed with. Guthwyn warns that contacting the Empress first might be useful. (Nwalme brings her up to date and it’s clear that the stress is getting to Her, as she complains about more trash that needs to be cleared out of the place. The Empress knows him. She gives him a pass code “elly says hi to maggie”. Still mustering troops, not much new news.

Now, Nwalme tries to initiate telepathy between Corp and John. Guthwyn brings up the awkward issue that it’s possible that one of the demonic magic users could be in front of us and could pop his head like a zit. Nwalme admits that there are dangers, but he and Araphor both think that going to Corp will help.

Nwalme successfully connects to John and then to Corp. Nwalme tries to gently wake Corp and get him to accept the telepathic call. He dreams of being in court in front of the empress and the emperor. Nwalme tries to impose himself in Corp’s dream to wake him up. As he’s dreaming of Maggie, Nwalme uses the passcode. Corp comes awake enough. Corp knows that Benwa is in league with the orcs and is trying to stop things.

Nwalme learns that they going to Dwarven Rock Falls and lets Corp know that we’re on our way and that we’ll do our best to try to get him in time. They should be on the coast around 1-2p; Nwalme says that he’ll try to contact him again around noon. (They’re about 6-8 hours away and we could catch up.)

If we rush in, we could lose the element of surprise. Guthwyn would like to be there when they hit the coast. We could set it up, so that we’re no more than an hour behind them at noon; we could be in a position to pounce. We can communicate back through the hobbits to the main force.

Storm Dancer can see them from first light, which makes following them much much easier.

The hobbits were able to pass the information found back to the group.

If it’s big party, attack early and get information out; if it’s a small party, attack earlier to make it two smaller groups.

Nwalme contacts Corp. He tried to slow them down, but it didn’t help much. They’re about 15-20 minutes away from the cove. Corp’s setting up a perimeter and knows that they’re meeting three boats with special passengers, but that could mean almost anything. And especially bad, Nazghul. Corp doesn’t want to attack until the boats arrive. He thinks it’s not a big deal with the boats.

Three viking long boat style boats, black, each with 20-30 people. All elves?! Some elves were left in the east. They seem a little fairer than usual.

We need to capture Benwa and get his information – hopefully about a way to warn off the elves. We need to get this information out. Nwalme tells Corp what’s going on; the hobbits pass information about the dark elves out the other way.

Corp takes Benwa and his boys. They’re heading toward us.

Boats are coming in.

Bo looks for some good places for sniping. Araphor wants to trick the elves into leaving; especially, as there’s no doubt that they can’t track us and catch us quickly.

Within 5 minutes, we’re all together.

Storm Dancer and Araphor keep an eye on the elves. Bo grabs the high ground and tries to defend/snipe. Nwalme wants to find out what elves deal is, but got nothing from Benwa.

The elves landed, left one elf on each boat. The elves split up and take the two paths out. They’re walking, but with the ground eating elvish pace.

Nwalme tries again to get the information out of Benwa. He learns that they’re here to drain the river and they’ve already been paid. We don’t know where the ritual has to take place or how it will be done. Rumors of the very dark elves were that they were really into the wild nature magic and controlling things. And with ritual magic, they can bring an immense amount of energy to play given enough time.

How far are they away from the river? Five days back. Gullies and rocky. Then plains and gullies.

If they’re doing it here, could their be an underground spring or lake that they are using? And why here, rather than closer to the river? Do they seem to be aware of us? They’re acting as though they’re on guard. They don’t seem to be coming toward/attacking us, though they’re clearly on guard.

A half an hour after we bug out, we realize that the elves and we are going in different directions. They’re going toward the castle. They’re definitely moving faster than us.

Nwalme learns that Benwa and his men have four bags of water and four bags of stones from different locations within the river that they were supposed to hand over to the elves. They are supposed to go to a plateau by the castle where they can see both the river and lake; that’s supposed to be where they’re going. Araphor mentions that he’s not above setting a forest fire to stop them.

But the question becomes how to set a forest fire? How feasible would it be? Unfortunately, currently the fire danger is currently low.

Hobbits get the message that some humans tried to force the river and failed.

Storm Dancer hasn’t seen any Nazghal.

Thaliandor is sending two of his men with forty roherem. The elves are helping, but aren’t at the main group yet.



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