Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Now You Think It, Now You Don't

elves slip our minds, and some slip away

Captured: two of the senior dark elves as well as assorted others.

Nwalme prepares for interrogation. We want to know where these elves come from and why are they aligned with the invasion force? Do they even know of Nwalme? How good is he without his killer rep?

He grabs one of the senior elves and starts his questions about reinforcements and then segues into general plan and troop movement. He separates out one of them to be away from the others, shielded by the wagon so that they can hear screams, but not make out the discussion. Bo stands in the distance with his bow to prepare for mop up, should the prisoner get the better of Nwalme and try to make a run for it.

The plan is telepathy and then pain should the previous options fail.

There is a language issue – even the older elvish tongue has problems. The prisoner doesn’t seem to understand Nwalme. Luckily, Nwalme has the Borrow Language skill at a sufficiently high level, overcoming that barrier.

The prisoner is fairly hostile, making it clear that he feels that Nwalme is a traitor to the elves. They feel that they don’t need reinforcements, they should be enough. They’re aligned with the orcs, because orces were brothers of the elves of old and they deserve to be freed. Free from persecution by the humans, traitorous elves, and dwarves.

The dark elves’ plan is to free the orcs, eradicate the vermin (i.e. humans) and bring them to the far western lands so that the gods will come back to them.

Nwalme wants to know if these are cultural beliefs or if this is brainwashing via using the mind-search spell. These elves feel abandoned since the rest of the elves went away over the last 10K years, but after the last 1000-1500 years alone, they’ve been largely alone except for the orcs and this culture has started to arise. Most of the knowledge that they have of the human lands is from the orcs and from their spies, rather than direct observation.

Orcs breed very quickly; they have over a million in the army coming over. Plus 4000-5000 elves. Who are the top tier leadership? The brothers: gods. Powerful wizard kings? Humanoid – humanish. They are twins, male/female, blue and green.

Nwalme sends him back and gathers his strength for the next interrogation.

Bo mentions that passing this on to the Empress as soon as possible. Upon resting up, he rings the Empress’ telepathic phone. She picks up and she’s kind of caught up on the million orcs, he reminds her of number of magic-using elves that HATE humans. The gods seem familiar, but the empress isn’t quite sure who they are yet.

Guthwyn wonders if going after the gods might not be the best use of our time. Decapitate the head and the body will fall, and all that.

Araphor wonders if it’s possible to do what their spell did in reverse and flood the river.

We discuss what to do next. We’re taking the prisoners to the more secure castle, which is the command center in the area.

Prisoner searching: half of the prisoners have green power stones, the other half have blue power stones (about 25 in all). There’s not a lot of power in them; they’re mostly 1-pt stones with some 2-pt stones.

Half a day to get to the point where we have real support; it’s a command post and supply center. Hobsters quickly notice that most of the prisoners weren’t actually tied…

Guthwyn puts on her “magic helmet”. Every couple of minutes something reminds us that this is weird. But then we seem to forget. The repeated cycle confuses Guthwyn, so she takes a walk to clear her head and realizes what’s going on – mind control magic. She’s got to get Nwalme out of there. She says that she needs Nwalme right now so that she doesn’t make a mistake. That gets the two of them out of there and helps to clear his head as well.

Nwalme realizes that it’s a lesser geas.

Bo used luck (20:57). Araphor put things together and realizes that every three minutes or so, he gets clueless and figures that it’s ritual magic with a central caster – who isn’t the number 3 or number 4. And then forgets.

They realize the range needs to be at least 40 yards to be out of range of the caster.

Guthwyn tries to send a note in to get Araphor and Bo.

Most everyone is asleep. The elves are grabbing weapons.

A hobster fires at the caster, catches a flunky. Nwalme prepares a curse missile. Guthwyn and Araphor draw swords. Bo readies his bow and draws an arrow and gauges who needs to be shot and killed.

Elves are slaughtering sleeping people and animals. Some are scattering for some other reason. Others are advancing on the party.

Bo hits. Nwalme fizzles his curse missile. Hobsters launch a volley. Some of the elves are down. Bo hits. The hobsters’ arrows fell short by 2-3 yards.

Nwalme teleports behind the advancing elves successfully, but can’t act this round. Luckily, Guthwyn, on Arod, is bearing down on them. Arod takes out a magic user with his hooves nearly immediately.

Nwalme runs toward them; as does Guthwyn and Araphor. Bo hits one of the three elves are are charging him. Hobsters fire another volley. Nwalme gets ready to death touch the friggin’ elves. Araphor is finally close enough to slash the leg of one of the elves, crippling the leg and sending blood into the air. Guthwyn prefers to stab with her sword, embedding her sword in the victim. Nwalme blasts an elf with that death touch he’d been priming. Arod isn’t as fortunate, but wasn’t hurt.

Bo takes out another one. Araphor cripples another leg and deals with their counter-attack easily. Nwalme is pumping more death touch into elf that he’s grappling. But the little bastard was still able to cast frost bite on Nwalme with his dying breath. Arod gets singed by the elf that he stomped.

Two elves are coming after Bo. Hobsters shoot at them, as Bo continues to do his best to take them out.

A couple of the others are still fighting. Araphor whacks at another leg, crippling it and taking down another elf that is able to counter attack. With Araphor’s ballet of violence, he’s in position for his next attack to take out the remaining wounded elf near him. The faster elf gets the first strike in, aiming for Araphor’s unprotected part; Araphor takes out his leg.

When the skirmish ends, a headcount reveals that ten of the captured elves have escaped. Guthwyn wants them caught. Bo proposes that searching in groups might be more useful. Nwalme backs him; groups of three in each hunting group.

While the others are hunting, Bo gathers his arrows and finishes off the wounded elves.



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