Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Rivendell Reclaimed

tying up loose ends and picking up a new thread

Over the course of several days, Nwalme-Anna (Eric) interviewed and
interrogated several of the orc prisoners in the camp, and spoke with
many of the residents of Rivendell. In no particular order, these are
some of the things he discovered:

  • The king orc (whom we killed) was talking with others, including
    both humans and elves, and appeared to be taken direction from them.
  • In general, these visitors came from points East, even beyond Rohan
    and Mordor.
  • One of the humans appeared to be from Rohan.
  • The Empress recognized the human, but couldn’t place him. This
    suggests a minor personage, possibly a member of a higher official’s
  • The friendly frost giant (Feloc the Younger) is willing to be an ambassador to start
    some kind of diplomatic work between the frost giants and the Empire.
  • One of the residents (the bowman) seemed to have precognitive powers
    — or maybe not. While he had told people that the seige was going to
    break soon, and he was correct, he was not employing magical (or
    apparently any deliberate) means to make that determination. He’s
    convinced he can read omens, but Nwalme seems fairly certain that he’s
    just gotten lucky enough to believe it.
  • However, the bowman does have extraordinary eyesight and excellent
    bow skills, which would be helpful.
  • And even more helpful, he’s seen the Rohirim (sp?) first hand. So
    the company is taking him with them.
  • Nwalme now has a list of names of the orcs who may know who the
    people visiting were, but finding them would require going into orc
  • He also has a list of human names. This is the thing I can’t recall,
    who those humans were…
  • Ultimately in seemed that the company should head East into Rohan,
    and then on to points east should it seem reasonable. The question is
    still open as to how to do this stealthily — or even IF they should
    attempt to be stealthy.



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