Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Pop Goes the Weasel

...the spectacular demise of a deadly enemy

Present: Pam, Megan, Chris, Jp, Eric

Bo and Araphor heading to the castle to start getting ready via the secret passage – no trouble.
Guthwyn and Nwalme dragged the unconscious mage to the crones. Count’s kids are staying with the crones.
Thaliandor in the rooming house with a small squad (2 that had helped G&N headed back). Count of Eastern March with him.
Elves nearby but haven’t yet made an appearance.

We all get back together at 8am in the Prince’s quarters (Prince Leonere – Prince #1)

Background: Fengel (Prince #2) and Eorcanstan (Prince #3)
Isoldaria is one of Leonere’s agents.

Daily Court will be at 10am.

The elves will make their appearance in the city.
Isoldaria will waylay the queen.
Eorcanstan’s bodyguards should already be ‘poisoned’ and ill.
Sending the Senechal that leads the Royal Progress to go welcome the elves.
This should clear the way for Leonere to tell his father that he looks tired, so that he (L) could take court today.

Bo offers to take the high ground. There are two points: one is right behind the throne and the other is a peep hole where the director/bodyguard watch.

Bo will take the bodyguard/sniper position with his bow.

Bo reads the augurs and passes his thoughts on: he thinks that Eorcanstan’s bodyguard is going to try to kill him upstairs. He keeps that to himself, knowing that by making himself the target, he leaves the others free to act.

Nwalme preps a spell into the curse missile wand – strike blind.

We file into court, the audience is there, but none of the royalty is there. The person running court today is one of Leonere’s men. He knows the plan.

In comes Prince Eorcanstan (without his normal bodyguard), he’s got a different one behind him – a young, inexperience soldier. Prince Leonere comes in. Ten or so minutes after things should have started, no king, but word comes about the elves arriving in town.

Leonere in his father’s stead, sends the royal progress guy to go welcome the elves and bring them hence. He hesitates, but heads off.

Prince Eorcanstan is extremely nervous upon hearing the news about the elves. He leans over to speak to Prince Leonere, and his told no about something he wants to do. The door from the King’s Door opens and the herald announces the king, his page and his bodyguard.

The king apologies for the lack of the queen/she has been unavoidably detained.

Leonere leans over to touch the father (casting a spell?) and says his father looks poorly. The king let’s Leonere take over his duties at court as planned. The king and the page head out.

Eorcanstan leans over to his bodyguard, sure that something’s going on now. He’s talking to Leonere, clearly trying to get his way about something. Eorcanstan wants to suspend court, Leonere won’t let him.

Bo sees Eorcanstan signal his men and tries (ineffectively) to signal to the others what happened. But fails totally.

Nwalme casts Telepathy on Bo.

Herald begins court.

  • Tin mining patent/tax terms.
  • More court
  • Even more court

A commotion begins outside. A messenger comes in warning of infiltrators: Empress’ Guard led by the Count of the Eastern March.

Eorcanstan really looks freaked out.

Leonere asks how this could be infiltrators.

Eorcanstan says that the Empress’ Guard must formally request admission a day in advance.

Leonere says that he’s never heard of such an agreement.

Eorcanstan says it’s a long standing agreement and continues to talk down his older brother, trying to make it clear that he’s not competent. (Nothing that we knew about.)

Almost on cue, a small group of Roharian come in. They were seasoned warriors. They enter through the main doors. Eorcanstan claims they are his guards to protect us. The messenger says that they are here on Eorcanstan’s orders.

We watch for L’s lead on this.

Leonere calls his personal guard to the dias (from behind them) and says that there’s clearly a disturbance. It’s clear to observers that Eorcanstan’s relaxing and feeling more in control, as Leonere is getting more nervous. He signals us to step forward through the crowd, as Eorcanstan’s people move forward into the court.

We’re noticed by the messenger as we move closer to the dias. We’re pretty sure he’s Eorcanstan’s flunky.

Eorcanstan calls us out. “Who are you? What are you doing in this hall?”

Leonere says they’re representatives of the Empress’ Guard who haven’t asked permission.

Guthwyn says “Make way in the name of the Empress” and moves through the crowd. No one has drawn a weapon.

Eorcanstan quick draws his sword and charges Guthwyn in a berserker/bloodlust rage. Leonere charges out to try to protect Guthwyn. Herald rushed to try to block Leonere.

Bo shot an arrow into one of Eorcanstan’s men to put them into disarray. Luck to kick the damage up to 7 (20:26). (He wonders if he should have shot Prince Eorcanstan.)

Araphor drew his spear.

Guthwyn quick drew her sword and stepped forward to protect Araphor’s back.

Nwalme cast strike blind on Prince Eorcanstan and saw the prince’s torc slightly glow and had an image of it eating his spell.

The guards attack. Araphor doesn’t parry, but his armor shrugs off the attack. (Empress Guard Armor™ accept no substitutes.)

Leonere puts himself between Guthwyn and his berserk brother to try to protect her.

Eorcanstan throws himself at her and manages to get one of his blows past her defenses for a critical hit that does an immense amount of damage: 31 points of cutting damage. With her dying blow, she does 12 points to his vitals (luckily, he is not wearing full armor).

Leonere screams her name and crumples, taking her in his arms. He’s also wearing a torc, which glows and Nwalme gasps as 14 points of healing courses into her body. (-21+14 to -7 and safe from death).

The herald puts his pole between the princes and ineffectively calls for them to hold.

Araphor is Capt. All-out-defense.

Nwalme tries a Death Touch on Prince Eorcanstan. It’s a crit!!! 12pts that overloads and destroys the torc, which blew up the torc and killed Prince Eorcanstan.

Bo calls out for the guards to put down their weapons in the name of the Empress’ Guard.

Then Thaliandor and the actual Empress’ Guard kick in the door!

Leonere (at Guthwyn’s prodding) gets up and takes control of the situation. Which is made harder, when the first thing is sees is his brother’s corpse.

Guthwyn tries to convince him that Eorcanstan died of his wounds. (Chances are that Nwalme will never let her live it down that HE was the one that killed the 3rd prince of Rohan – not Rene, and not Guthwyn.)

Leonere takes a breath and snaps back into it. He takes control and sorts everything out regally. He calls for a surgeon and a healer for his brother. “We’ve all known my brother’s obsession with the warrior Guthwyn though these many years, but it is sad that meeting her caused him to lose control. Now we must mourn but still move on.” He takes control and signals the director to get everything moving.

Lots of pages running around and passing lots and lots of messages.

Nwalme heals Guthwyn for another 8 (1). He examines Eorcanstan and thinks there’s no point in healing him. He’s not quite dead yet, and Nwalme tries telepathy. Prince Eorcanstan isn’t really there. All he thinks is that he finally got her. Nwalme whispers to send him on his way, “No, you didn’t. She still lives.” Eorcanstan dies in soul-crushing despair.

Guthwyn let Leonere down and points out that she needs to serve the empress. There are so few guards after the Usurper’s attacks. He hopes she will be able to visit. (Nwalme hops in to tell him that they can make sure she’ll visit.) Guthwyn doesn’t want to make the future queen as her enemy.

Back story on Prince Eorcanstan – he wanted Guthwyn, everyone wanted her – she was pretty, capable and dumb as a stump. What a woman! Everyone was smitten with her. Everyone stayed out of the way. Eorcanstan had targeted her; she wanted the conquest. She rejected him, but that didn’t stop him. No one really noticed. The second time, everyone noticed. But they realized it was just Guthwyn being Guthwyn. He tried again. She shot him down again and she ripped him a new one; that was too much to bear. It was about to come to a fight to the death.

Rene stepped in to save her by calling him out for a private duel and it became known that he had beaten the Prince. (He was one of the Empress’ spies and it was known he was working for her, so he was expelled from Rohan.) He managed to get Guthwyn as one of his guards. And that’s how she found her way into the Empress’ Guard.


Bo is 30y/90’ away.



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