Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Game Synopsis 10/9/2009


Our heroes left Rivendell with the supply train heading east, and
camped with them the first night. The 2.5 days getting over the
mountain pass was uneventful. (It’s not clear to me whether we were
still with the supply train or just a small contingent…) They
decided to go into the town to cross the Anduin River, rather than
going for the out-of-the-way ferry upstream.

In the town, the Prince who resides there was polite but not taking
pains to occupy the heroes (which was fine with them). A couple of
things came out fairly quickly, from taking with people in the town:

  • The king of the elves of Mirkwood has always been quick to turn
    cranky, but lately it appears he’s getting cranky more and more often.
  • There have been a marked increase in visitors: dwarves, elves,
    humans. This isn’t quite explicable, because apart from the World’s
    Greatest Honey (we had some, it’s true!) there’s nothing to bring
    tourists here over other areas that are close by. (For example, better
    hunting in Mirkwood Forest…) The town has become the out-of-the-way
    meeting place, apparently, for those who want to meet where no one
    else will notice the meeting.
  • Some Rohirim, from the cadet line (minor nobles), have become
    frequent visitors.

The last was intriguing, and the heroes followed up, visiting the
villa on the “suburban outskirts” where they lodged.

In talking with one particularly loose-lipped servant, the heroes
discovered that the person the bowman (JP) saw with the emblem of
Rohan was Eothyn. He was a bit standoffish, even from his fellows, and
he always stayed in a room in a different wing — the most defensible
room in the villa, actually, with a large window.

The heroes investigated the room. Nwalme-Anna (Eric) cast History on
the large window to see what had transpired in the last month. No one
else had stayed there in that time. When Eothyn was there, though, he
spent a lot of time looking out that window, and left the room by the
several times. The bowman (JP) looked out and saw mostly the
river and some fields, plus a few farmhouses.

He also saw a little girl making mudpies in the street — a girl whom
he had seen at the Prince’s palace, and then again while we were
talking to the servant. She appeared to be watching us, but very
surreptitiously. While Nwalme rested from the spell (it had a high
energy cost), Guthwyn (Megan) went out to get the girl while Araphor
(Chris) stood watch via a Rider Within spell with Stormrider. The girl
saw Guthwyn coming, and nonchalantly left. Guthwyn’s efforts to track
her were unsuccessful, so Araphor went to try. He also was
unsuccessful (rolled a 17).

Rested, Nwalme joined the group and cast a Seeker spell using the
mudpies as something connected to the girl. She was very close, but in
a nearby building — and undoubtedly saw them look to the building, so
she was on the move again.

With the aid of the Seeker, Nwalme cast a Trace spell to follow the
girl. Strangely, it seemed to not be as precise as usual, but was
adequate to allow them to follow her to the crowded (and covered, thus
foiling Stormrider’s keen eye) market square. She eventually left with
a family that clearly knew her but was not her own family.

She and the boy in the family played as they headed to the bridge, and
eventually climbed onto the bridge wall. Someone nudged her, and she
fell into the river. Momentary panic occurred, and one of the bridge
guards shed his armor and dove in after her — but then immediately
swam back out, as she had turned into a turtle. (We had been informed
earlier that the Bjorn (sp?) nobels had shapeshifting abilities, and
while most were woodland mammals like bear and fox, turtle was a known

She climbed out the other side, but the Track spell was still working.
(Nwalme can maintain it indefinitely.) When the session ended, she was
in a nondescript building next to a jeweler’s shop.



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