Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Doom Approaches for One Of Us


Met Frost-Giant with OCD/Neatness disorder (Feloc the Younger?) who was trying to hide from his army when they left and hoping to stay in a nice safe spot somewhere.

Using the intellegnce from the giant, the team decided to try to relieve the seige of the tower.

When you get there, it appears that the senior frost-magic-using giant is doing something inside a protective circle.

The rat-attack didn’t seem to work, as they could not get past the circle.

We left the session with the party getting ready to grind into the orcs and giants who are protecting the magic-user and also attempt to get the magic user to stop his assault on the tower.

Sorry I didn’t do this earlier. Hopefully I’ve included all the major
points, though I feel like I missed an option that we had discussed…



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