Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

Battle of the Shore

"We shall fight on the beaches... we will never surrender."

Some sessions are just a continuation. This is one of those.

At the beginning of the session:

  • 5 boats with mutinies
  • 8 of the mages have arrows sticking out of them (including the Wizard)
  • 2 of the boats seem to have dead mages on them
  • The Blue Wizard seems to be critically injured (but we’re not sure how long that will last)

With Araphor unconscious, the fish are starting to disperse. But their natural wish to get away is now tempered by their individual self-interest, so they are moving slowly.

Guthwyn was very busy keeping the forces on track and continuing arrow volleys at the enemy longboats. She also shouted orders to the longboats, when the mutineers took control of them. Her quick thinking and their listening to her orders results in the mutineers using their newly controlled longboats to ram enemy boat.

StrongWülf, by his actions reminded the troops of some useful information, such as: longboats on fire aren’t pleasant places to be, screaming that you’re going to do something and then running toward the enemy makes you a target for enemy bowmen, and most importantly seeing something important and getting it to a mage is sometimes that best you can do when the enemies aren’t within battling distance.

Araphor dutifully continued to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, as he struggled to recover enough to move after the incredible magic he’d been able to perform moments before.

Nwalme was daring. He teleported himself onto the longboat with the Wizard — repeatedly, where he attacked with surprise and used his Death Touch deftly. He also realized that if he got the wizard’s staff away from him, his power would be diminished. Sadly, it took multiple attempts, after being flung off the boat by the maia as well as taking massive injuries, but he was able to separate the Wizard from his staff before he and it went flying into the air with the sweep of the Wizard’s arm.

With some quick action from StrongWülf when the staff almost landed at his feet on the shore, the young guard ran it up to where Nwalme had landed broken and unconscious and stayed with him to guard him and keep him safe.

Bo continued to snipe at the Wizard, doing his best to keep him from being able to regain control of his forces. It sounded better in theory than in actuality, as it wasn’t able to keep the maia from casting spells to pin down Bo (relatively ineffectively) or to fling Nwalme away from him and the ship. But during the brief battle of the shore, Bo and the other bowmen were able to do horrendous damage to the mages on the boats and to the Wizard himself. In the end, he’s hit with the maia’s web spell (again) and all but spread-eagle and incapacitated on the ground.

The forces under Guthwyn’s control was remarkably successful. The yeomen archers sent volley after volley into the longboats, sowing confusion and discord. Under their sergeants orders, after they saw StrongWülf throwing a burning flask of oil ineffectively at the longboats far outside of his range, they used flaming arrows to try to destroy the boats. They also continued to pepper mages, the Wizard and the like.

The longboats had mages, dark elves, and probably controlled rowers. When the mages’ spells were disrupted, the rowers often started to mutiny. On some boats, these mutinies were successful. On others, not successful, but still they successfully distracted the elves and kept them from giving their full attention to the forces on the shore.

The Wizard fled. He teleported to the far shore of the river and hurried off to lick his wounds and recover.

The end result: 2 boats have surrendered; 7 boats are badly damaged, but have successfully retreated; 3 boats have sunk; 7 boats are captured — but 2 of them aren’t usable.

StrongWülf has taken an arrow or two for some minor damage.
Nwalme is seriously injured from the Wizard’s slamming him around – so much so he can’t heal himself.

Nwalme’s first impression of the staff was that it’s at least a ten point powerstone and the stone on top is a powerful and specialized powerstone as well. Araphor, finally conscious enough to move, performed First Aid on Nwalme to better help him avoid death.



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