Middle Earth: Sunset of the Fourth Age

A Surprise Visit

And a Still More Surprising Conversation

We rejoin our heroes in the castle recently vacated by the Empress as she headed to join the main body of her forces in the primary theater of battle, leaving us to “take care” of the enemies approaching from the north.

The first order of business is to investigate Bo‘s odd transformation during the recent nearby skirmish. Sadly, Bo’s recollection of the events are fuzzy (pun not intended). Nwalme uses Analyze Magic to determine that the nature of Bo’s transformation is an innate magic rather than some sort of enchantment. From that we can infer that Bo is of Beorning descent, a bloodline that seems to still run strong in the areas around Rivendell and the adjacent areas of the Anduin valley. Most of the party recalls encountering the young Beorning girl Nessa when we passed through that region, not long after Bo signed on.

As Bo struggles to feel out the magic within him, Araphor offers a suggestion: he can attempt to summon all of the bears in the area, and see if that will trigger a transformation. Since Bo’s control is still suspect, however, he suggests that Bo be locked in a secure room or cell during this attempt. Bo is game (pun intended), so they proceed to the dungeon. Once secure, Araphor casts a Beast Summoning for bears… and nothing happens. We release Bo from the cell, at a loss at how to help him further.

The next priority is the interrogation of our prisoners. Six dark elves were captured in the latest fight, and they await Nwalme’s attention. He proceeds with his inquisition, using his reliable blend of magicks and skills. The first couple of elves don’t reveal much, other than their fervent belief in their gods and their mission.

Nwalme makes better progress with the third prisoner, his first Death Touch breaking the elf’s spirit, and opening his mind to Nwalme’s Telepathy. As Nwalme begins to delve into the elf’s mind, however, his connection is severed as a sudden transformation comes over the captive. The elf’s demeanor shifts from that of a desperate and broken soul to that of someone extremely self-possessed and confident, and he begins to speak in a strong, clear voice.

Guthwyn and Strongw├╝lf immediately pass out as a deep chill in the voice seizes them. But the remainder of the party endures, and recognize that the voice can only belong to Sauron, or what remains of him.

Sauron’s shadow, speaking through the captive elf, says that he’s been waiting to talk to us for some time, as we’ve been an incessant thorn in his side. More shockingly, however, he expresses a desire simply “go home” at this point, and abandon the war. When Araphor points out that his wish cannot be granted by the party, the shadow nods. He claims he cannot even name those who have that power (ed: the Valar), lest they move to destroy him.

He wants to know what he can do to atone for his actions and demonstrate his sincerity. He claims to be willing to work to end the war, although it is not exactly under his control any more, despite – as Bo gets him to admit – that he is/possesses the Supreme Leader of the Far East. The ship, as it were, is simply too big to change course easily.

Bo suggests that he offer to publicly travel some of his key elven subordinates across the Anduin, disproving the widely-held belief by his forces that this will kill them. Araphor is quick to point out that while this may be an effective way to help, we’re certainly not going to let him bring any part of his forces right through the heart of the Empire, where the Anduin mostly runs. Still, it might be possible at Osgiliath, which bridges the Anduin in the narrow valley of Ithilien.

Sauron’s shadow mulls over these and some other ideas presented, and then states that he will do what he can to stop the war, and that the party should be on the lookout for whatever opportunity to act he provides.

Once it’s clear that the possession is over, the party returns the captive to his cell, rouses the unconscious folks, and retires to the council chamber to discuss. There’s not a lot of trust for someone that has had millennia to practice deceit. Bo is worried about what alternate agenda the renegade elves crossing the Anduin would have – they could be anchors for teleporting in more forces, or worse. Guthwyn wishes that she’d been awake to ask Sauron’s Shadow to fix the orcs, as they’ve never had a chance to choose good or evil. (The Yrrch are a notable exception.) Araphor and Nwalme expressed little hope that the renegade elves could or would accept a peaceful path at this point.

Guthwyn feels that it doesn’t matter if Sauron is believable or not; if he acts good, that’s something that will reduce his army and improve our chances. Araphor is sure that we should be preparing for betrayal at all points, noting that Sauron has persuaded and corrupted both his allies and captors throughout history. Nwalme notes that Sauron has never used this tactic before, however, and that it could be that he’s not as powerful as we fear, although he could get nothing concrete from what telepathic connection he briefly had.

The consensus is that we should proceed with our current objectives and stay watchful for both opportunity and treachery. To that end, we begin to get a handle on when we can expect the Supreme Leader and his forces to arrive and besiege the castle.

A Divination reveals to Nwalme that the eastern armies will be arriving between noon and two in the afternoon three days from now.

Nwalme ‘talks’ to the Empress about our conversation with Sauron’s shadow, but doesn’t use names — fully aware that they’re probably being eavesdropped. She warns us to be very very careful. He also relates to her the results of his vision.

With this foreknowledge, the party begins to prepare the castle in earnest for siege, and send out word via the hobbit signal corps to nearby allies and forces.


We broach the subject of experience points.

10XP everyone
+1 Araphor
+2.5 Nwalme

2XP Storm Dancer

Also, Strongw├╝lf has now (before the Empress left) been made a cadet in the Empress Guard, assigned to Guthwyn’s personal command.

A Surprise Visit

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